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Heather's Eating for IBS Book & IC

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  • Heather's Eating for IBS Book & IC

    I've also posted this question on the forum but would be grateful for input from the IC "experts" I recently bought the "Eating for IBS" cookbook, before the IC symptoms kicked in for the first time. Sticking with the IC diet, I now wouldn't be able to use a lot of those recipes, so I would be grateful for suggestions with the following issues:

    -- Replacing soy: what do you use when a recipe calls for soy products? I can replace soy milk with rice milk or almond milk, but what about replacing tofu etc?

    -- Replacing fruit: I am not yet sure how my body responds to various fruits so am trying to play it safe. Any suggestions on incorporating IC-friendly fruits to replace riskier ones?

    Thanks a lot,
    Spring/summer 2009 - diagnosed with H Pylori and vitamin D deficiency (both treated successfully), hormonal imbalance, and food allergies
    July 2007 - PFD confirmed by physical therapist
    June 2007 - start of IC symptoms.
    May 2007 - start of significant IBS symptoms
    Summer 2005 - migraines became chronic

    Conditions: IC, IBS, PFD, migraines (currently under control), back problems

    Current meds: bio-identical hormone creams, vitamin D, zinc, Captomer, magnesium oil, D-Mannose, FemDophilus, magnesium ascorbate

    Other treatments: massage, mind-body healing