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loose BM followed by bladder irritation--always

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    I have a lot of the same issues. Personally, I think they are all inflammatory processes gone awry. For some, it's because of allergies, to food (glutan), chemicals, irritants, etc. For others, it's because of a jacked up immune response. I'm slowly coming to the realization that's what mine is . . . still trying to get some help with my bladder issues - which are by far the worst. I'm pretty sure that I have IC, if not, there is something else going on for sure.

    I've always had soft stool too - some diarrhea. Never really went to the Dr. about it except one time. After I got food poisoning in Costa Rica, no solid BM for months. Dr. said that it was prob just my bowel readjusting after infection, and sure enough I was back at my baseline after awhile.

    In the last year, my inflammatory response, all over my body, has increased severely. Bladder symptoms are much much worse. Stool isn't that much worse, except now a few times a month, when I go to the bathroom, there is a pretty decent amount of clear mucous.

    Mild rash that I've had most of my life on my elbows got worse and spread. The dermatologist said it was mild psoriasis.

    I even got keratitis (inflammation of the cornea). It started with an infection in my eye, but even after it cleared up, the doc said there was still a lot of inflammation, and gave me steroid drops. She looked confused as to why it was still inflamed even though she couldn't see any infiltration with dye or anything. 6 weeks now since the first infection.

    I wasn't surprised. Seems like my body is slowly turning into one giant inflammatory response.