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IBS Being a Real Pain!

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  • IBS Being a Real Pain!

    I'm really starting to get frustrated at my whole digestive system! It seems my insides have now decided to make the list of things I cannot eat even longer.. And even added chocolate to said list! (How dare they?! )

    My bladder was getting better, so I thought.. I hadn't had a 'flare' for a while.. Was even managing to go to the toilet every hour & sometimes every hour & a half!

    But then, all of a sudden, completely unprovoked, my IBS decides to flare pretty badly. I've not had a flare this bad since the beginning of the year & I'd happily put that down to stress from my old job. Things haven't been particularly stressful lately & I've avoided all trigger foods so goodness knows what's triggered this.

    Now my bladder has followed suit & is going haywire. I feel like I constantly need the bathroom. I'm supposed to visit a client tomorrow & I have to cycle there & back.. I am dreading it. Hopefully I can pop into the local store & ask nicely to use their bathroom before I head home.

    This whole thing is just ridiculous & I'm so fed up. If it's not one thing, it's another! I finally made peace with my eczema, it flares once or twice a year now which is great! Then I was diagnosed with IBS. It makes life difficult but as long as I plan well & take my meds, it's doable. Now I have bladder problems?! Come on!

    To top it all off, my dog has been diagnosed with arthritis & muscle wastage, which is completely off topic, but it means he will be getting all of my money & I will have nothing for my prescriptions! ARGH!

    Edit: Of course, I'm going to have to do an overhaul on my diet & eating habits.. I'm going to have to eat healthier foods, more fruit & veg (No, strike that, fruit & veg agitate my IBS!), less processed things & definitely no more chocolate. It can be hidden away with my coffees :'(

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    IBS and IC

    Just read your post... here's my suggestion
    After I was diagnosed with IC and found out about the diet, I made a rule. I too have both IC and IBS. I thought at first - what am I going to eat? But then I thought about it and made this rule. My rule is very simple . . . I only shop the perimeter of the grocery store which means fresh vegetables, fruit, produce, fresh meat, bread, milk... I know that you have a problem with vegetables - I understand that too but I have been able to live like this and overall - I feel so much better from shopping this way. The minute I eat something processed I do not feel healthy. In the meanwhile, I am still flaring often... but most of my flares I believe come from muscles. Even with that I still feel healthier from shopping this way. Best of luck and sorry about your dog. I have a beautiful dog too and I understand the money matter.


    Current Meds:
    1 Elmiron 100mg 3x a day
    1 Cimetidine 300mg 2x a day
    4 Gabapentin 300mg 3x a day (3600mg)
    1 - 2 Atarax 25mg at bedtime
    1 baclofen 10mg 3x a day as needed
    200mg of Pyridium 3x a day (usually do in cycles - on for a week or two as needed) - I am very careful about this.
    2 belladonna and opium suppositories as needed for pain daily.
    Bladder instillations (Lidocaine, Heparin, & Sodium Bicarbonate)

    I have tried but failed -
    lidocaine instillations, heparin instillations, oxybutynin by mouth also called ditropan, tylenol 3s with coedine, cyclobenzaphrine, Ativan, vesicare, Oxytrol patches worked for 3 to 4 years and then failed, I tried Uracyst and had some success but my urologist felt that it was not successful so we moved on to trying something else. .