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    I was diagnosed with IBS (along w/ my IC). My question is that my stool is never normally formed. I usually have Constipation but since taking Metamucil (per my doctor) my stools are more mushy. Sometimes they are flat and fluffy like piece of ribbons and sometimes like mud. I rarely get a normal shaped stool. Is this common with people with IBS? Color is light brown.

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    I have IBS as well and was diagnosed 26 years ago.I dont know what a normal stool looks like.Havent had one in YEARS!!! I can't take fiber supplements as they give me cramps,gas and stomach pains. I either have constipated marble size stools, runny mashed potato stools, skinny worm like stools or violent diarrhea to the point where it sounds like I am urinating from the back end full blast. I have tried all the fiber supplements,laxatives and stool softeners.They either dont work,make my stomach ache or aggravate my bladder. The meds I take make me constipated so I take flax oil,magnesium tablets and amitza. If I dont take them the right way ie like mid meal i will go from runs to constipation.Cant take these just before eating as I will get runs instantly if I forget to take them and end up taking them after eating I get constipated stools.IBS is so aggravating. It prevents me from leading a normal life as I never know when it isn gonna act out. sorry you are having troubles. I do remember long ago when i was first diagnosed I TOOK METAMUCIL and i did have normal stools but it made my IBS worse stomach wise with cramps. Have you tried ground flax? This used to work well for me before I started taking all the meds that cause constipation. I took a couple spoons of this with lots of water and it gave a more solid bulk stool. Doesnt work for me now. Where in ct do you live?