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compatible IC and MC meds?

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  • compatible IC and MC meds?

    My doctors feel I may have microscopic colitis and although I am currently in a remission for the IC I may have to go on treatment meds for the micro colitis. Does anyone know or have any experience with meds for micro colitis that won't aggravate the bladder or cause me to come out of remission?

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    Re: compatible IC and MC meds?

    budesonide (entocort) + imuran wont flare u.
    how are u doing??
    I am curious wich meds u take and what u are doing??

    I also have IC and MC.
    pls give me some input



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      Re: compatible IC and MC meds?

      After the colonoscopy and biopsies my Dr. did not find any microscopic colitis. He was surprised because I had all the symptoms and was pretty miserable for three months. I had been on three rounds of antibiotics for dental issues which caused my symptoms. He felt that I had seriously disrupted my intestinal flora and I was lucky that it didn't turn into C-diff, which is what I was afraid of. Thank you for responding though. I'm good now. I make sure I take probiotics.