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  • Straining

    Okay, so I've an appointment this month with a gastrologist to get me on the road to determining if I've IBS or not. I highly suspect I do. I've always had bouts of constipation and diarrhea. Since I was a young child I've always suffered more with constipation. Over the last year (23 months and 12 days after vaginally giving birth to my first/only child) I've noticed the constipation getting worse which does not help improve IC pains/pressure. The constipation has gotten to the point when sometimes (almost on a regular basis) so I get get some relief from my bladder pressure I have to insert my finger up my rectum to help ease the poo to pass (I wrap my finger in long strands of tp, then wipe the finger with clean sheets/squares of tp, wash for 30 seconds with soap then use hand sanitizer afterwards).
    With IBS is it normal for constipation to become as bad as mine has reached?
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    Re: Straining

    I work for a gastro doc and I wouldn't say it's normal but I wouldn't say your alone at all. You will prob end up needing a colonoscopy. If you need relief soon I would say using a suppository that can help soften it.


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      Re: Straining

      I would try the suppository. It's no fun being constipated and I'm sure the gastro dr. will be able to suggest something to help you. I have the opposite problem, and that's no fun either.


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        Re: Straining

        Please talk with your doctor about this. I also have a constipation problem due to medications, but most of the time it's well controlled with medications. And if you're having to use a finger to help, I suggest you pick up a package of gloves for that purpose. They're very inexpensive and would make the procedure easier for you.

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