I began on Memorial Day 2015, I now eat Gluten Free snacks (can be very hard to find!) I get some from Aldis some from Walmart. I also have a daily smoothie of fruit & greens. I use 1 cup filtered water (I use a liquid measuring cup), put that in the blender first, then add about an 1/8 cup of frozen spinach (gonna try kale too) get that grated up in the blender, I then gradually add 1 & 1/2 cups frozen fruit (I've been getting store brand fruit & greens) & grate that up I put part of the fruit in with the spinach then gradually add the rest until it's all grated up into a smoothie. I have a HUGE sweet tooth & this is the only way I can tolerate greens!

I noticed an immediate improvement in my Irritable Bowel once I began doing this! I drink half of the smoothie then put the other 1/2 in containers for the next day & drink it the next day. Before this I have been straining to have some bowel movements due to the enormous amount of emotional stress in my life the last 9 1/2 years. I have not had to strain for a bowel movement since I began doing this!

From what I'm being told by others who suffer from anxiety & are doing this as well, if you heal your tummy first then it helps reduce if not eliminate anxiety all together I'm really anxious to see if mine improves in time!

I'm pleasantly surprised at the improvement in my bowel by doing this.