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How do you know when your IBS is flaring??

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    I have the same problem. Pain and swelling in my tummy from my IBS (constipation). When sharp pains and swelling come I can hardly walk. I go to work at 7:30 a.m. so the pain/swelling always happens at work OUCH !

    My question - does anyone know of anything that helps with constipation or the swelling of tummy or both? I have this problem everyday and I already take Milk of Magnesia and watch my diet everyday!

    Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you


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      When my IBS starts acting up, I know right away because I'm running for the bathroom! toilet

      I tend to have more diarrhea than constipation, but usually it's sudden cramping and tummy swelling with diarrhea that signals that my IBS is kicking into high gear. It usually happens after a rich, fatty meal or if I'm stressed out. Which means that most of the time it happens after lunch at work!

      If I do get constipated, I take a stool softener and that usually does the trick. Not much anyone can do about the tummy swelling; the bloating seems to be par for the course. Just try to stay away from lots of dairy and salt during an IBS flareup and drink water.

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        Hi sweetie,

        Did you have a colonoscopy yet? Sorry if I'm repeating something someone else said, cant read all the posts tonight.

        If not you need one. I was originaly dx'd with just IBS but turned out to have Crohns and GERD wth erosions from the espohagus, to the stomach, to the small and large and small intestine....basically from in to out.

        PM me if you'd like, I'm not an expert, but I know IBS well, very well, and my Crohns started with a dull ache, then a pain in my lower left quadrant, the simoid colin.

        As I said in my vent post after a while of not going or not going enough, you can develop a blockage, or may even have one even if you have bm's that slide by the block.

        Do you have round, formed stools, or skinny, long stringy ones? Sorry to get so gross, but these things are important.

        Lemme know, pm me, or whatever you'd like and we can get more graphic, IF I can stay up tonight.

        Love ya, Sandy


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          If i eat the wrong thing I swell so big its bigger than a 9 month pregnant womans tummy. My pants wont fit and i nearly die with the pain. It feels like my back is being ripped out, it bends me so far. At times my intestines twist and bang against my raw bladder and its awful pain. I'll end up running to the toilet with explosive bowel movements. The pain is directly under my belly button and it feels like a knife stabbing me. I've had an upper endoscopy and a colonoscopy and nothing has been found other than IBS. My current Dr.'s refuse to do a lap type surgery to explore this belly button region and I'm looking into finding a new stomach Dr. I'm tired of fighting this. It's over half the pain I go through and IC is nothing compared to this. I never had any IC or IBS problems until my Gallbladder was removed. Thats when everything fell apart for me. I'm also getting periodic blood in my mouth but my Stomach Dr's still wont budge to do a thing. scream So yeah i can totally sympathize with anyone who has these problems. It's just very painful and worrysome. grouphug