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    OK - maybe some of you have heard this before but when it worked for me I just HAD to pass it on in case it will help someone else. I read somewhere that using metamucil (psyillium husk) 3 times a day before meals (especially if it has been longer than 4 hours since eating anything) will help with the painful cramps and diahrea that some of us experience. It has helped me a lot. It is not a cure but has relieved a lot of symptoms for me. On sundays I am in such a hurry to get to my church responsibilities that I usually don't eat breakfast. I can guarentee that about 15 minutes into my lunch I will have bad cramps and D for several hours. Anyway, I bought the easy disolve caplets and last week swallowed one on my way out of the house and took another right before my lunch...and...did NOT have cramps or D! Anyway, my uro says if it can't hurt you it is worth a try and this certainly was for me!

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    Be careful doing that on a daily basis. I would think since your uro is ok with it that it's fine. Long story short: One of my uncles did that and laxatives and all that stuff for years on end because of constipation. Well now nothing works for him. He is so messed up. I know his is the reverse of our IBS. So maybe there is a difference.
    I just wanted to share with you. But I'm thankful that you found something that helps you through the day!!!
    Tons of support,

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      I used to use metamucil, but now I use flax seed oil, I buy the whole seeds and grind them myself, and just add it to my food. It is great and not only does it keep you regular but it is great for a lot of disease, for example people with diabetes. My diaticean said it is great , and espically because it has omega 6 in it, plus everything else. Look it up and decide for yourself.


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        I just had my colonoscopy a week & 1/2 ago. The GI said I had IBS & he recommended metamucil to me along with Zelnorm (to take twice a day) plus NuLev (to take when I have D or cramping gas). I haven't tried the metamucil yet, but am really considering it after reading these posts & since I don't think zelnorm is working for me. What I am wondering about though, is that basically all I eat are bran flakes & shredded wheat. Both of which are high in fiber. I'm worried that if I add metamucil on top of that - I'll be in the bathroom all day!


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          I take extra fiber (on top of high-fiber foods) to the tune of 4 or 5 doses a day. I started adding fiber 19 years ago, and have had to slowly increase the amount as my IBS got worse plus to offset the effects of medication. My doctor said it was safe, as this is not a chemical laxative where dependency is a concern. I also take Zelnorm twice a day. While I go to the bathroom a bit more frequently than normal, I'm already in there due to the IC, so it's not a big deal for me.
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            I too have IBS and diverticulitis I have to have lots of fiber in my diet . I eat high fiber cereal for breakfast and take metamucil twice a day. Metamucil is not going to hurt to in anyway. I have been taking it for 18 month and it does help w/ both problems.
            My avg. fiber intake it 35-40 grams a day.
            Blessed Be!!
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