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Magnesium supplements for constipation.

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  • Magnesium supplements for constipation.

    Have you tried taking magnesium supplements or aloe vera if you suffer from constipation - works for me maybe it will work for you.

    PS magnesium is sometimes difficient in people with IC and isn't normally an irritant.

    Won't work for all but may work for some so I just thought I'd post it.

    Von xx

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    Magnesim malate (I take it for fibro) increases my constipation a bit.
    IC & fibromyalgia since ~'77. Osteoarthritis since ~'88. Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (autoimmune blood disease) since '96. IBS for who knows how long. Interstim implant 2/04, revised 6/06, replaced 11/12 & again in 9/17. Antibodies to thyroid since at least '92 (finally diagnosed & treated 1/06). Asthma & vocal cord dysfunction 12/06. Hypoglycemia '07. Perimenopausal at 37, menopause at 45. Pituitary & adrenal failure. Osteopenia. Grade 3 sacral fracture by S3-S4 at age 12, healed 14mm out of place.


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      I am taking magnesium supplements for Constipation -works for me too.