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Triptans and IBS

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  • ICNDonna
    Re: Triptans and IBS

    It's good that you have found something that seems to be helping.


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  • earthlady
    started a topic Triptans and IBS

    Triptans and IBS

    Has anyone here who have migraines and IBS noticed that the triptans used for migraines also helps your IBS? I have been seeing a neuro muscular dr. for muscle tension headaches I've been getting. She feels they may be a type of migraine so she gave me a triptan to take when I first feel the headache. It just so happens that my IBSD has been acting up too and after I took the triptan my IBS symptoms totally disappeared. There is a link between IBS and migraines in regard to serotonin levels and the triptans effect serotonin levels. I noticed that the anti nausea med Zofran also works on serotonin levels. I'm starting to wonder if there is also any link with serotonin and bladder pain. So many of us here seem to have combinations of visceral sensitivity in different areas. Any thoughts?