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    I know that I am supposed to stay away from yeast and sugar and all that while I am getting rid of a yeast infection. however, are we talking sugar added stuff? What about things like raisins that are naturally sweet? are those ok?

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    When I am fighting a yeast infecton, I stay away from anything that has sugar. Just until the yeast infection is gone.. I have not had an infection in a while.. Keeping fingers crossed.. But have found that azo for yeast really helps..

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      If you have a chronic yeast problem, you may want to control your sugar intake very closely. It's a good idea to talk to your doctor.

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        A good idea if you ate some sugar is to have a quick 10 minutes walk after. (this is what is recomended to diabetics). That will lower your sugar level in the blood. What you want to avoid is high sugar peaks in your blood. Extra sugar is extra food for the yeast. Please note that we'll always have some sugar in our blood (glucose) as long as we are there's food for the yeast there. What we want to avoid is Extra sugar / extra food for the yeast.
        I know there's another way to trick the sugar levels , I'll ask my sister who is a registered dietitian, I think if you take sugar with protein and or fat the sugar level doesn't rise so fast or something...I'll confirm this.
        I'm watching my sugar a lot more than before..during the week a basically don't eat anything sweet. I eat a low sugar cereal, sugar fee bread and vegies and some fruit but NO refined sugar (cookies, candies, desert, are a no no).
        But today I just had some pancakes so I'll take a short walk with my dog now and no more sugar until maybe next weekend or who knows.
        If you want to do the very stric Candida diet you can and consult your doctor, just watch out with you nutrition in case you are also doing the IC diet, you don't want to end up with other problems. I think it is more important to watch the vaginal PH and flora.
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          My brother had a systemic yeast infection when he was young. If you have a bad yeast problem you really want to cut out ALL sugars - even in fruits. I don't remember how long he did it for, but his diet was very restricted - it worked, though, along with antifungals and so on. Have you read any of the Yeast Connection books? They're helpful wioth those sorts of questions.

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            No I haven't had a chance to read anything. I believe I got the vaginal yeast infection because as a teacher, I end up holding my urine a lot and leaking some and I wear a pad to protect from this but end up wearing it most of the day which I KNOW is prime conditions for the yeast. As far as the yeast infection in my mouth..I am a HUGE fan of bread and it is nothing for me to have french toast with syrup and go directly to sleep afterwards. This is a double problem because I also have braces and rubber bands on them so the yeast pretty much gets closed up in there in my mouth until the next morning when I brush.