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    Just wanted to say hello. My name is Matthew, and I am currently in my 3rd year of an emergency medicine residency. I have had the misfortune of dealing with IC for just over 3 long years. I have like most tried just about everything(elmiron, hydroxizine, tagamet, L-arginine, diet, elavil, percocet, and a tens unit) with no improvement in my symtomps. I find it particularly difficult to be in pain and stay focused at work. I am wondering if there are any other physicians out there (resident or otherwise) who could offer me some advice. I look forward to any and all posts. My warmest regards to all.

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    Welcome, Matthew! I'm sorry you have to go through this but I envy your patients. I remember the one ER trip I made (biliary spasms from elmiron) and actually got an ER doc that had heard of IC. I was ecstatic since it's exhausting giving an inservice when you're there in pain. I too have done L-Arginine, tagamet, numerous alternatives, acupuncture, heparin instillations, DMSO (that worked the best until it recently quit working), N-Acetyl Glucosamine, NSAID's, hydrodistension, etc. over the last 5 yrs. I declined the narcs since I'm alcoholic/C.D. in recovery and declined anti-histamines since they wind me up like some kind of speed but my pain is certainly consistent with need for narcs. I can really relate to the pain at work and trying to focus. I work a lot of NICU and I fret about making mistakes. It's also hard to be patient with parents and peers when I'm so sleep deprived. I became fascinated with the sacral nerve stimulation theory and became the first SANS unit candidate in Montana this week. I started Weds. I herniated a disc in the early 90's, and this all came in the next couple of years. I've never been sure the connection but all this other stuff isn't working so what the hey. I'll let everyone know how the SANS works. At least it's nice to have hope again. I went through every category on the board looking for something new and this was the one that leapt out at me. Good luck!

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      Hi Matt,

      I am Hope, the psychologist. I am fortunate to be able to take bathroom breaks in between sessions, so i am lucky in that regard. Have you tried the TENS unit? Nice to meet you.


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        Hi there Matthew, Dianne and Hope. I am a registered dietitian who has had IC since my teens (I am 40 now) but was only diagnosed 3 years ago. Previous to that I had two IC patients when I was doing outpatient counseling, and really went into denial when they related their symptoms to me. (Fighting the hypochondriac syndrome) Then when I was finally diagnosed, I looked at the diet more completely and went into denial again (no fruit? no way! LOL) Well it didn't take long to realize there was something to the diet after all.

        I have realized that often dietitians are consulted by IC patients and how weak our training really is. Add to that the rarity of actually counseling an ICer vs a diabetic and we end up being just one more health professional that has let the ICer down again. I am considering doing seminars for the area dietitians based on the IC diet.

        Glad to meet you all. Matthew, since this was your original post, good luck and hopefully we can all support each other...Julie B

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          Welcome, Julie. We have fantastic dieticians at our hospital and I have been treated very well by them. They at least had heard of IC and while they didn't know much to offer, they were certainly willing to learn. I'm the most diet sensitive IC'er I know. Glad you're here.

          My bellydance "sisters" , our dogs, and me.