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  • Just wanted to day hello

    I finally scrolled all the way down the page and found this forum. I'm from Massachusetts and currently finishing up my nurse-midwifery internship (one month to go!). I was diagnosed with IC in March and have also been struggling with endo for about 3 years.

    Wondering if anyone else feels that sometimes they let their symptoms go too far because of fear of looking like a hypocondriac?

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    Hi Gigi! Yes, I absolutely DID wait too long to get the proper diagnosis. I am a dietitian and in the few years I did nutritional counselling, I had two IC patients. When I saw them, first of all I felt worthless due to my lousy background of IC, but second, I "felt" they were telling my story somehow. Then when I got the run around with other diagnosis and doctors, I didn't want to push for the IC diagnosis for exactly the reason you stated. Now I hope to start educating other dietitians and health care professionals on IC and the diet. Good question!!! Julie B
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      Gigi, I just wrote a reply and it was nixed. For some reason this is not recognizing me. I am going to test with this message. I got this far. I am a social worker. I talked to jill and she gave me the password. I'll see what happens


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        Gigi, Now that I know I am doing this right I will try again.
        Yes I definetly do worry that I will appear hypocondriac if I pursue my one treatmen. I Have struggly with endo for years. It wasn't until after I had a hysterectomy to endo the endo pain that I was diagnosed with IC. The endo pain returned. I know that there is a significant connection between all of these I just don't know what it is yet. I also have fibro. It is so nice to have someone else verbalize that. Thank you. Why is it always so much easier to be responsive to patients than to ourselves? Thank you and I am glad I finally found this board. When I talked to Jill about moderating she told me I was welcome to post here but I also had not scrolled down far enough. So I'm glad to finally be here. Take good gentle care. Jules


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          Welcome, Gigi! I'm an OB nurse, 23 years. I think it's a valid fear that we would be treated like a hypochondriac. I've been told everything from my bladder pain was caused by childhood sex abuse to just an attempt to avoid sex (yeah, right..I was just a newly wed..)I have probably walked out of more offices than I've stayed in. I'm currently undergoing the SANS treatments (see nerve stimulator category) and I'm getting encouraging results. I don't have endo. Anyway, welcome!

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            Yes yes yes, me too. It is a real issue for me. I try not to act on it and avoid doctors or ignore the sx's, and just keep trying to find medical providers who GET IT! I have IC and IBS and apparently, vulvadynia. So many symptoms. I know that my primary doctor has turned me into a "head case" -- ironic given that I am a psychologist. So now I want to find a new one. Anyone have a great primary in Mass? But of course, the fact that I am shopping around for new docs makes me look more neurotic. Eek! A viscious cycle. Thanks for bringing up this topic.



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              P.S. -- Good luck on your internship Gigi.