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    Well, I was almost done with my post to you and AOL came on and said "connection is lost". So, now I don't have enough time to rewrite my letter so I'll just stick to the most important part. How are you doing and does the pain seem any better today?
    I just came off a 2 day flare and had to pick up my parents at the airport in the middle of it. Almost peed my pants, but found a gas staion right off expressway in time. Then I peed like 3 more times at airport since their luggage was delayed. It finally tapered off some. But, oh, the fun of life with IC, huh?
    And now I have a party after the T-Ball game Saturday that one of the parents is throwing.
    Said, "bring your own drinks, a dish to pass and we'll chip in for pizzas". You already know where I am going with this right? Well, I only drink Evian water(only beverage that doesn't make it hurt or burn), don't care to destroy my bladder with pizza, and have to find an IC friendly side dish that actually tastes good. Luckily, I have a plan for that, so hopefully, I won't starve to death. Make a great taco dip that is actually not too hurtful to the bladder, am making some cheesecake, and maybe will get these all beef, no nitrate hot dogs from health food store. All so long as I don't eat too much of it, I shouldn't be in any gut-wrenching pain. These items in small quantity are okay. But since i am starving most of time, it's hard to control my intake. LOL. It helps though that the hostess is aware of my IC, and I can fake it better to the others then. And hopefully, I don't spend the night in the bathroom.
    Well, I hope your day is going well and the pain is better today. I bet it's hot down there in NC; I live in exciting old Michigan where it is actually, a bit hot today. Talk to you soon. Bye!