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Question to other MCP'S Re: Returning to work

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  • Question to other MCP'S Re: Returning to work

    Hi. I am considering returning to work and had a question. I am debating whether or not to be upfront with a prospective employer and tell them the truth about having IC. Right now, my IC is mild, though there are flares. I would be doing home care on a contingent basis. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions about this? I would really appreciate any input. Thanks!

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    I'm so sorry I haven't responded to your question. I did try one day, but I had not entered all the feild info needed to post and my response was deleted. I ran out of time to respond again and just haven't gotten back to it. So here. I don't know whether IC is covered under the ADA or not, but according to the ADA an employer cannot discriminate(sp) according to medical problems. I know that my icx was met with concern and support but I used to work in a very different environment. If you were me and I had to make the choice, I would wait until a problem came up and I needed to miss some work. Then I would be very honest. People cannot be supportive if they do not know what is going on. NOw take this info and apply it to the home health care angencies you have worked for. Were they supportive of other employees with health care issues? Has your IC caused you problems when you have worked in the past? I would think about these questions and then come up with the answer that best applies to your situation. Clear as Mud yet? Let us know how you decide and that you for you supportive respponse to my post about quiting my job. So far OK but hard to leave my friends. Take goo gentle care of yourself. Jules


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      I don't think I would tell. I really think it would hurt your chances. I thought IC was covered under the ADA but not sure. I think there's a board for that here and also some other pages relating to that on this site that you could read/post to. The other possibility, if this is a large agency with an EAP person, you could call her/him without your name and ask.

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