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  • New to Med. care providers w/ic

    Hi Everyone

    My name is Lorie,I just gained access to MCPWIC yesterday. Just want to introduce myself.

    I am a licensed mental health therapist in NJ. Have not worked fulltime for the last 2 years because of IC. I have had symptoms of IC for 20 years,saw many Drs. until diagnosed 3/98. That's my story.

    Trying to stabilize my unpredictable bladder- aren't we all? Does anyone take querectin
    (health food store) ? If so do you know of a brand that does not contain sorbitol or citric acid. I use it and it is helpfull,but a herbalist informed me that if I increased the dosage it would probably help more. The problem is that I am sensitive to sorbitol and can not tolerate increases amounts.

    Any suggestions?


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    Hi Lorie, I can't comment on the health food store product, but I wanted to welcome you anyway!!!! Have you looked back though the last 100 days of messages on this forum? You should be able to read all about us...and some of our dilemmas....

    gentle Hugs.....Julie B (I am a registered dietitian)
    Julie Beyer, MA, RDN
    IC Dietitian, Patient Advocate, Speaker, & Author

    Did you know that up to 94% of interstitial cystitis patients find some symptom relief when they change their diet, and that dietary modification is recommended as a first line treatment for IC? Check out the IC Food List to get started!

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      Thanks for the welcome. I will review past msgs. today.




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        To All Mental Health workers & Social workers who have a State license.

        There is a nationwide phone therapy network in the process of getting organized.If youare interested in more info.-check out my I have applied. I live in NJ and things are in place to start 11/17/2000. Other States to follow soon. The perfect job for ICers who cannot manage to sit through a session of face to face therapy because of frequency&pain.




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          Hi Lorie, welcome. I'm an RN, OB for 23 years. I've had IC for 6 years and am using the SANS unit exclusively and doing reasonably well. I haven't tried quercetin. I knew I couldn't tolerate anything with citric "stuff" in it. I'm very diet sensitive. I've worked full time until last week, now cutting to 3 days/week. Anyway welcome.

          My bellydance "sisters" , our dogs, and me.


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            Thanks for the welcome. I would love to try SANS,but closest Dr. is in NY city-I live in NJ. Tough commute with my frequency/urgency problem. I am trying to convince my uro to get trained in SANS. He agreed to read info. from Dr. Stoller's web site. He just opened a new office and needs patients, so I feel confident he may agree to do it. I think the idea I would announce it on this board as well as he could arrange to get his name posted on Dr. S. web site as the only DR in NJ to do SANS is a strong selling point. He wants me to do interstim,but I am not ready-toonew and I need to keep trying more non-invasive things first. As a Nurse,what is your opinion re: interstim?