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    Hello everyone. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I'm a 33 y/o RN in Mississippi. I worked in home health for almost 10 years before the pain and urgency made me have to quit my job. I worked in many rural areas and there aren't too many places to stop to use the bathroom between seeing patients [except maybe the cow pastures :-) ]. After almost 2 years of being told "you don't have a UTI" I was finally diagnosed with IC last October. As a single mom, going without a job was not an option, so I'm currently working for the state. It's a desk job, with a bathroom around the corner. The pay isn't great and I really miss my patients, but I don't have to worry anymore about when the next bathroom break will come. I'm hoping that maybe sometime in the future I can get my symptoms half-way under control so that I can return to seeing patients. I discovered this board shortly after I was diagnosed. And it has been a lifesaver for me just knowing I'm not the only one out there with IC. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello.

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    WELCOME Pincushion

    This board is so supportive;do not know what I would do without the ICN-noone else really understands what we are going through. I hear what you are sating about being under-employed,it is true for many icers. I am a licensed mental health therapist in NJ.I had to quit my job because I could no longer remain in sessions with my patients for an hour because of frequent urination and pain. I was diagnosed 3/98. I have had symptoms for 20 yrs. No tx's have worked for me as yet. Uros tell me I am an "end" case. They have suggested interstim. I am not interested in this invasive procedure yet. I am trying to convince my uro to try SANS tx on me.In the meantime, I have not worked since 8/98. My husband was dismissed from his job(downsizing) 2/2000 and was unemployed for one year. He started a new job 2/19/2001 at considerablly less $. It would help alot if I could work.




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      welcome Pincushion...what a cute screen name! I am Julie B. You can read a bit about all of us if you click on the page that lets you see all posts...glad to have you...Hugs Julie B (an RD)
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