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bacterial vaginosis pain

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  • bacterial vaginosis pain

    On Friday I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis, and I've been in a lot of pain. Constant feeling of having to go, urethra burning and soreness. Has anyone had this with BV? I was given metro-gel. Has anyone flared worse from the medicine itself? I'm getting worried because the pain isn't getting better. Thanks

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    I recently got diagnosed with this, they gave me the gel, it went away, I ended up having to take antibiotics AGAIN ( that seems to be the cause of my BV every time, no yeast infections, just BV) but she never said anything about my DH getting treated? Should I make him go see a doctor? I hate taking Flagyl, it makes me so nauseaous and even throw up sometimes ugh.

    But to answer to original post, yes, I do get some flaring and pain from the infections and the gel, however, it seemed to get better about 4-5 days into treatment for me. Any course of antibiotics for anything seems to trigger this lately, over the last 4-5 years
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      Vaginal infections - bacterial or yeast - definitely sent me into flares. Hope you can get yours under control SOON.

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        metro-gel flares

        I'm currently in a vicious cycle of BV infections. I never seem to get yeast though, just the BV infections. I'm on metro-get yet again, and it REALLY burns me externally and causes horrible bladder frequency. I find that if I take Urelle with it, the bladder pain in managable while on the metro-gel. If you don't take Urelle, Proced is the same. They are both similiar to pyridium but with a muscle relaxer in them as well. See if your doc can perscribe either Urelle or Proced while you are on the metro-gel. My doc says Urelle is also safer for long-term use than pyridium is. I hope this helps!
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          Re: metro-gel flares

          It is an old thread, but not to open new one: I got BV while on holiday and swimming in the sea. I changed my swimming suit quite quick, but looks like not immediately, or I am just really weak. Anyhow, already during holiday some burning started. At home, gyno gave me some antibiotics, did not work, went to hospital as it was Sunday, I got stronger antibiotics (Metrodinazol). Worked. After my period, same pain and burning back. Of course, my IC is not happy as well.
          But I went back to hospital, they had this time already my tests and said, tests showed no real bacteria present, nothing looks in vagina very bad, not much red or anything, no smell, and he said he will not give me new antibiotics. Did not really help anyway.
          So, I was depressed, found no solution, until started reading around in internet. People have like, long history with BV, some take rounds and rounds antibiotics as we with IC before we know it is IC and they do not work.
          Anyhow, I found things that people say that worked: tea tree oil to insert with tampons (I did not soak it though, just put some drops), coconut oil in vagina, garlic- to eat, folic acid, vitamin D and probiotics in vagina (Living ones from fridge). The strongest treatment I started is to put garlic in vagina. Overnight. I have done it 2 times, all in all I think with all this treatment I think I am better, but sort of inserting garlic and tampons with tea tree oil (1-2 hrs) my bladder is not too much happy. Does anybody has experience about those natural remedies, while having IC?...


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            Re: metro-gel flares

            I have heard of all kinds of things being inserted into the vagina --- did you insert a clove of garlic? I think it would be a good idea to discuss your home remedies with your doctor. The ti tree oil might help by keeping the area moist if you're experiencing dryness.

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              Re: metro-gel flares

              I have used Yeast Arrest (purchased on Amazon) for BV and it helps. It has tree oil, probiotics, boric powder. It is fairly harsh but did not burn much and did not hurt my bladder. Anyway I used it for 5 nights and BV is gone now.

              Jo Ann


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                Re: metro-gel flares

                Thanks, Jo Ann, I used 2 components of 3, did not have boric acid, but I believe tea tree and probiotics and garlic will finally make a trick as well. I also found that estridiol is also inserted to vagina, actually they offered me from pharmacy with estridiol, but I could not get prescription that time. So, as I use estridiol gel anyway, I just use it few days in vagina, should help as extra. I hope all together I can beat it without one more round of antibiotics, which did not help.


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                  Re: bacterial vaginosis pain

                  I found relief with D-Mannose, a natural supplement. I took it 5 days straight, one pill every 2 hours. Now I am taking it twice a day as a preventative measure.


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                    Re: bacterial vaginosis pain

                    Is this still helping you liz3333?? I'm thinking about starting with the D-mannose. Have BV for first time ever and in a horrendous flare!


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                      Re: bacterial vaginosis pain

                      I still feel I have it after taking the d-mannose, and I've been taking it several times a day. I have a paraguard iud and I think I'm going to get that removed because i think it's causing me problems.