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BV and Metrogel

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  • BV and Metrogel

    I have been had bv off and on for 2 years. Very frustrating! Anyway today is Friday and I ended my 5 nights of metrogel on Monday night. I am still having irritation and discharge. I know that I am sensitive to creams and monistat and over the counter yeast medications cause me to swell and itch. So I am not sure if my irritation is from the metrogel or that it is still bv. My doctor also gave me 2 diflucan to take while I was on the metrogel and I have been taking femdophilous. Has metrogel caused anyone else irritation and how long did it last and how long do you have discharge? The discharge is better but still there. Thank you

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    Oh yes! I had horrible side effects on Metrogel. Mine were the same as yours, except I also had pancreatic pain that mimics a pancreatitis attack. If you look at the list of side effects, this is one of them too.

    My Dr. switched me to vaginal suppositories, but I forgot which ones they were. But, they worked like a charm. Although, it is definately possible to have BV infections reoccur. They are infamous for doing that!

    Good luck! Hope your Dr switches you and it works for you too!
    I am not a medical professional. I do not give medical advice. In all cases, I urge you to talk to your Dr. about your treatment options.

    D/Xed 2003 with IC. Also have the co-existing condtions of VV, Vulvadynia, Lupus, Fibro, GERD, CPP, Endo, & Adhesions, and Depression

    Meds: Estrogel (due to total Hyster)
    The meds r/xed by my Pain Dr. from the Pain Clinic are as follows: Morphine ER and IR, Baclofen, and Lyrica and Seroquel (used off-label as a sleeping pill, but it also helps with depression)

    (I listed my meds in case someone reading this has been told like so many ICers that Drs dont r/x pain meds for IC.) I want you to know that there ARE tons of us who are also dealing w/this disease and the pain and many of us ARE on pain meds.)

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.