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Found the cause of the "itching"

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  • Found the cause of the "itching"

    So I've struggled for ages with this yeast type itching, been using creams on and off for too long. Every time I get tested it's negative for thrush, so I asked to be tested for BV which I have heard a few on here have had. That too is negative, time and again.
    I read on a site whilst I was researching about BV, about PH levels in the vagina and how we are supposed to have fairly acidic environment in there. Seman , however, has a high PH, so alkaline. By way of trial and error I have asked my partner not to deposit inside me for a while and BINGO all is better. Apparently the semans high PH makes you itchy, and if you are regularly having that deposited it stays alkaline and itchy. The thrush creams were working because they are acidic and bring the PH back down again.
    How can no doctor think of this and give me a reason that this may be the cause. You really have to be your own detective I think.
    I'm just glad those symptoms have gone. YAY
    UTI 3/2015
    IC ,PFD
    prescribed meds: Endep 60mg, Elmiron 400mg, BC. Enablex 7.5mg.

    Supplements: Chitomur peptide, colostrum, Echinacea, liver detox swisse, calcium citrate, glucosamine, Psyllium Husk.

    Daily diet: Breakkie- oats with chia seeds and no fat milk. Post workout-turkey breast with mixed veggies. Lunch-raw green soup with rye roll and handful of peanuts/almonds. Dinner- changes but meat and veg. Dessert-banana and sugar free custard (homemade) or banana and apple bake with almonds cinnamon and honey with a dollop of coconut cream.

    Tried: tramadol, cystoprotek, multi right, diazepam, vesicare, Ditropan, mirabegron, Flomax, lyrica, progesterone.

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    Re: Found the cause of the "itching"

    For many, many years some doctors have suggested douches with a mild vinegar solution (a tablespoon to a quart of water) after intercourse to prevent itching. You might want to ask your doctor about that.

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      Re: Found the cause of the "itching"

      Vinegar solutions are not recommended any more, because it also ruins normal ph balance. But vaginal lactobacilleus / probiotics are great in that case, and yep, condoms work as well, not to get, esp our case, irritated. Sure, good point!