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Bacterial vaginosis, yeast & IC

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  • Bacterial vaginosis, yeast & IC

    Hi All

    Was diagnosed with BV and vaginal candida yesterday and given Dalacin vaginal cream for the BV which is an antibiotic (Clindamycin).
    It has flared by already hurt bladder a lot. I was just doing a tad better with Elmiron and LDN, but now my bladder is screaming! It feels swollen, inflamed and irritated. It even hurts a bit to pee.

    Have anyone else had experience wit BV alongside IC? What did you do to treat it? Should I stay away from these vaginal creme applicators?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    I have had IC since January 2015 and mainly with pain / burning / warm feeling in bladder / discomfort.

    Currently: Elmiron 4x100mg, LDN 4 mg at night, antihistamines

    Tried and didnt work:
    Meds; Uracyst, DMSO, Gabapentin, Cyclosporine A, Amitriptyline, hyperbaric oxygen chamber 40 x sessions, high dose long term antibiotics (8 months)

    Naturals; Colostrum, DH Aloe vera, acupuncture, MSM, Glocosamine, Homoepathic treatment, marshmellow root, chinese herbs, IALURIL, Gotu Kola, D Mannose.


    Please find a cure - so many are suffering