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Endo and IC?

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  • Katrina
    through a laporoscopy
    yes unfortunatly the only way to be sure is through a laproscopic surgery sorry. IC and endo have a lot of overlapping symptoms
    Quite a few people have both endo and IC and it is possible to have endo on or in your bladder which is extremely painful.

    Some things that endo caused me that were different than IC...I would get increased pain when arroused..prior to sex actually beginning.
    Pain of endo was not as sensitive to touch as IC pain but did go in more places. Major fatigue..not that IC doesn't increase fatigue but prior to getting some treatment I was sleeping 17 hours a day everyday.

    Since so many symptoms overlap with IC many doctors consider illiminating endo as a possibility as part of the diagnosis process for IC (at least with endo after the lap you can be sure).

    The laproscopic surgery really isn't that bad..granted I can't speak to what it is like if they don't find anything...but if they do they lazer the endo cells and really it isn't much worse than a regular flare...and they are willing to treat surgerical pain so it is often easier.
    Hope that helps..I am here for you!

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  • tigger_gal
    hi there, try this link and see if you can find the info you are looking for. I know when I had my hysto. a year ago I had endo too.

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  • erinthames
    started a topic Endo and IC?

    Endo and IC?

    I have struggled as we all have with IC for almost two years now...seen every doctor, spent every cent etc...and one thing every doctor asked me was have I been seen for endometriosis? Is the only way to tell you have it through a laporoscopy? I have always had painful periods, meaning really bad cramps and back pain etc...
    I just found out through a pelvic ultrasound that I have many cysts inside my ovaries?
    I know nothing of endo. so wondering if anyone could give me any info on it related and non-related to IC...
    Thank you!

    Elmiron 600mg
    Celexa 20mg
    Valium 20mg
    Percocet as needed
    AZO as needed
    Diflucan as needed