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  • Low Back Pain

    Does anyone have severe low back pain with their IC?

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    Yes. As a matter of fact, my urologist thought I was having kidney infections before he diagnosed my IC...ic sucks

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      yes I do and my regular doc... an internist has made me an appointment with a pain management clinic... I don't know much about it but they are supposed to help me with all of my pain...especially my back pain.
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        yep! I always have some sort of pain in my back either from IC or an injury. Not fun. My heating pad is my buddy!!


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          yes i always have lower back pain,sometimes dull,sometimes throbbing.i have always had back problems though


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            Yes, but I have had too many falls and always landed on my left side. Had back surgery about 8 years ago. it really helped me, now just recently, started to have back problems again. Went to the neurologist recently for my headaches and he asked me about my back and I told him that it has started up again with the numbing/tingling/etc. He told me when it starts to get where its really bothering me to let him know. He knows me well enough that I will wait till I'm in too much pain (and why not? when I finally had back surgery it took me 3 doctors and 5 years to convence one that I was in serious pain).


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              I have also had a lot of low back pain, just recently though. I've had IC for about 6 years, and my back just started hurting 2 weeks ago. I have had no back injuries, so this is mysterious. I've heard that back pain can be related to IC. I wonder if my IC is causing the pain in my back. What do you think? How can a bladder problem effect the muscles in my back?

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                When I am in a flare. I have just learned that a have a tilted Pelvis. I found this out at the PT for my PFD. Were working on it along with everything else. Exercise has become my whole activity it seems like all day.
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                  I have had the low back pain ever since I was diagnosed. When I have a UTI my back hurts really bad, and it moves up to right under the lungs. That sounds like kidneys to me. I keep asking if this is in my kidneys and they say no it is just IC. Then I have to take antbiotics which cause me to get thrush. I know that means too many antibiotics. Then lots yogurts with the good bacteria, and lots of buttermilk. They have found that my disc are going away and that could be some of the reason but I think it is mostly IC.


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                    Oh yeah--in fact when I flare, that is where my pain is the worst. Feels like am having back labor sometimes during a flare.

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