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Kidney pain and urinalysis

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  • Kidney pain and urinalysis

    If I had a kidney stone or infection would it show in the urinalysis? I have had pain over the kidney area but my urinalysis is normal.

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    Infection should show; a stone would probably not show.

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      When I have had a stone what showed up in my urine was blood and infection. The blood was only visiable under the microscope for me. I do know of some that can see blood themselves in the urine. But as far as a spefic showing in the urine for stones is a no. In fact I have had stones not even show up in like a IVP, done to detect a stone, but only the blood and infection in the urine.

      Have they done any kind of x-ray or ct scan to see why you have pain in this area??
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        No, they haven't done any xrays to check the pain in my back. They are just assuming it is a flare. I am very new to IC and have mild symptoms mostly frequency and urgency but no pain. I do have scoliosis but never have much back pain from that and this doesn't seem to be a muscular pain and isn't relieved with heat or ice. I am a physical therapist and do know about back pain.


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          I am new to IC also, but I have most of my pain in my kidney area & lower back. I had an IVP and it showed no stones. I had the hydo done and they said IC. I go back to the doctor this monday..
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