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  • What!!! Nothing's wrong????

    Went to uro yesterday to see why I'd been feeling so icky and she said she couldn't find anything wrong. All my tests came back clean. Only thing she did say is that she as seen almost all of her IC patients in the past 3wks, a lot of whom she hadden't seen in years. She thinks its some kinda flu or virus that we're more succeptible to. I don't know??? I just want to be able to pee in the mornings!

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    Hmmm, that doesn't sound very good. You can't pee every morning? Are you still feeling extra awful? Maybe need a second opinion and how many IC patients does she have? I'm the only one for my Uro or in this whole city.


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      Hi there.
      I am sorry you are feeling so ill. I also feel really bad lately, like I am coming down with a flu or cold. My son is sick also with a bad cold so I am likely catching it. I have severe muscle pain all over my body today.

      Are you only not able to pee in the mornings? Can you pee the rest of the day? I noticed that on certain days, I only can pee about 1 or 2 ounces out in the mornings, and I am sure I have more in there. It does not happen every day, but it has been happening for the last three weeks off and on. I also get the feelings that I dont empty my bladder all the way at times. I even had the nurse check my post void a week ago , but it was fine at that time(naturally).

      I also noticed you take elavil, and this is known to cause urinary retention. Could that be maybe a culprit? I just hope you get back to feeling better and able to pee right again. That must be an awful scary feeling. How long after you get up are you finally able to pee? And do you feel like you get it all out?


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        sorry meme.. I hate it when I wake up like that.. sending you hugs and hope it passes soon.
        'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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          I'd say about 75% of my uro's patients have IC! She really knows her stuff. She's always researching new treatments. Said I could try an Elmiron instill if I wanted, but the pain isn't that bad yet for me to go through the horror of being cathed


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            Wow, that's a lot of IC patients! Do they travel to her or are they all living where you are?


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              She has two offices about 45mins apart and both are fairly good sized towns. Its always so busy in there. Everyone's always running around bumping into eachother (she works w/ 3 other uros). I hate the constant waiting and how long it always takes to see her, but its worth it. She's the only one who's been able to help me.