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  • think she will be mad?

    I've been thinking about the back massage thing done at PT. I know it will be a life long thing in order to help with the pain and I can't afford to have one done. Plus I can't go for PT for the rest of my life either. On the days it helps it is really nice. Life is good and I could do just about anything. Then when it wears off and pain is back to normal life is too hard to deal with. Guess I have had so much pain for so long it is easier to deal with the pain 24/7 then not to have it one day and then have it back the next. I'm hoping she will understand this tomorrow. Haven't been there long enough to know if she gets made if I don't do what she wants or not but mind wise for me it is to hard. Not sure what else she has thought of for trying either.

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    She may surprise you and have some exercises you can do at home to help you feel better.

    Stay safe

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      That's what my PT did -created me an awesome home program!
      Hope it works out well for you.

      I am not a medical authority nor do I offer medical advice. In all cases, I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.

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        to kadi

        i'm interested about the home program your PT created. could you share more about it?

        i feel like i should know more about this than i do b/c i work in rehab alongside other PTs and they don't know much about pain related to IC. at least not the ones I work with in a big acute hospital. we deal mostly with orthopedic injuries, not chronic pain.

        there was a conference a while back that i wanted to go to but one of my friend's got married the same weekend and we have been BFF so i wouldn't have missed it for the world. but the conference was on myofascial release type massage specifically for IC & Fibro!!!! i hated missing it. that's the thing about the therapy world. a lot of what we learn is not learned in school---it's learned at conferences. anyway, of course i wanted to go for my own personal knowledge.

        but i would love it if you told me more about it.

        and i'm sorry the massage only helped for one day for the original poster. surely there is more the PT can do. he/she should be very willing to listen to you and be willing to try more things that will provide relief for an extended period of time.
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          I'm doing a home program with dialators. Its weird and hurts after. My doctor swears by it and is a leading female reconstructive surgeon/uro so I totally trust his judgement. I will give it a few more weeks!

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