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itching from tampons?

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  • itching from tampons?

    Been using the tampons and the itching down and in there has started again. Anyone else get this? Any suggestions? Don't think I cuold be allergic to them.

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    If you are itching when you use them, I don't think it is a very good ideat to continue to use them. You may very well be allergic to them.

    sorry that they make you itch.
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      Thanks, I never heard of anyone be allergic to them. I'm learning something new all the time.


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        me either, but if you only itch when you put them on and they do, it isn't worth wearing them.
        'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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          Deoderized tampons/pads/wipes give me a terrible reaction! If they are deodorized try plain. If they are plain, stick with fragrence free pads! Hope you feel better soon. Plain old petrolieum jelly helps me from that irrataion, but only use it externally!

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            Most tampons are made of "bleached" cotton. Bleach can be very irritating to the skin. I use the Diva Cup and for myself, it's even more reliable than a tampon. I bleed heavily so i have to use a pad for a day or two also and they irritate me big time- again, if it's very white, it is usually bleached. You could also try tampons from a health food store that say they are not bleached.

            I don't know what it is with this world that everything right down to paper towels, toilet paper... has to be bleached so it can look totally white. Unfortunately, this also causes environmental problems in the making of these products.