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Diuretics and IC

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  • Diuretics and IC

    Ok, this has come up elsewhere recently but it's a nagging question for me too. Someone else had to go on "water pill" or i think they're called diuretics for high BP. I might have to go on a very potent diuretic called Diamox in order to treat abnormal fluctuations in my potassium caused by a genetic disease called periodic paralysis (hypokalemic or Andersen). I am looking at going to see a new specialist and i know that if i finally get treated for this disease, Diamox is the main drug of choice.

    I have a friend with severe glaucoma causing blindness that had to be on Diamox and it caused him urinary frequency and diarrhea. In his case, it is also thought that it caused him kidney stones.

    What have people's experiences been with diuretics and IC? I'm afraid. I could potentially be stuck between a rock and a hard place where i have to decide if i want more consistent strength (less weakness spells that plague me pretty much daily and require me to have help at home with basic tasks) or my IC getting out of control. I won't say no if Diamox is offered to me as it might be used to determine if i have this condition or not. Apparently if i respond, the diagnosis might be made, if i don't respond, it may simply mean that the particular genetic defect responds better to a different type of drug. However, it does concern me as to how this will affect me. I also will have to increase water consumption in order to try to protect my kidneys. In this condition, BP has nothing to do with it, neither does peeing or not peeing- it all has to do with the drug's effects on the channels in muscle cells.


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    I have been taking a diuretic for years. It doesn't bother my IC, but I do urinate frequently for about three hours every morning after I take it.

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      Hi Donna,

      Thanks. That makes me feel a little better. I don't believe other diuretics besides Diamox are used to treat periodic paralysis, i forget. Apparently it takes quite a while to get over the side effects and you even have to go on the full dose gradually. Part of me can't wait to try it when it is offered to me, and the other part of me dreads the effects on the bladder. I am reasonably well controlled with the neurostimulator so maybe it won't be so bad. I would hate to make one condition better at the price of screwing up another but maybe it won't be that way.