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  • Years after surgery

    I would like to ask anyone that had a hernia disk repair or someone that knows about neck problems.

    About 1 year ago, I had a MRI, due to pain in my neck. I had a hernia disk repair about 4 or 5 years ago. The MRI result came out fine but was told there were some adhesions that block the view in that area. I am starting to feel the uncomfortable neck pain again with pinching feeling in my shoulder, and pulling tingling feeling in my back. It is odd because it fans out across my back now. Do any one know if the adhesion itself can cause this problem? Do any one know what can be done to find out about the adhesion thing? Do you know any test that can see through the adhesions? I also had a bone graft bank instead of my own bone, and I just wonder is there is a way to find out what might be happening since the MRI is not showing anything.

    Take care, Trishann

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    I dont have a clue about this but did want to give you a ((((((hug)))))) and say I a am sorry you are going through such a rough time..


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      Ronda thank you for the hug, I appreciate it. You are so sweet.

      Take care, Trishann


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        I wish I could answer your question. I hope you find some relief soon.

        Stay safe

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          HI Trishann,
          I have 2 bad disks.......The top 2.....they have compacted and have been causing me headaches. I'm going to a Chiropractor who's done wonders with loosening things up. You might check with one to see if they can help with the scar tissue. Sounds like it's tightened up your neck muscles. I was having the fanned out pain from my shoulder blades down the middle of my back. It's much better now. I know it's miserable! As if having IC isn't bad enough!!
          I hope you can get the pain under control.....let me know how you are doing Trishann! Roxie

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            Donna thank you for wishing you could help me, that is so sweet of you. Many times you did have the answers and to be honest with you because of it, I did not stayin a panic. Thank you Donna.

            Roxie unfortunately my insurance don't pay for chiropractor. Doesn't that stink?
            I am happy that you are getting some relief from it. I am doing better today some. I kind of feel lilke I just can't find what is going on like when I was trying to find out about my bladder years ago and no one knew the answers to it. And now this crazy neck things no one is finding answers. But it is not because my doctor is not trying. Blessing his heart, he has been trying. I do take pain medicine for it but sometimes I just get tired I think of just feeling sore, aches, and pains. I think sometimes it just wears me out. Thanks Roxie and I hope you are doing good today.

            Both of you take care, Trishann