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    I've seen a couple of news segments in the last several days about early symptoms of ovarian cancer. They include a bloating feeling, abdominal or pelvic pain and frequency of urination. This really scares me because I know the key to surviving ovarian cancer is early detection and these symptoms seem very familiar to me and I'm sure others with IC. I have my annual GYN next month and will be able to get more info to share then. Anyone else a little freaked out about this?

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    Hi Chinson,
    Yes I understand your worries. Before I went to the Urologist I went to an Oncologist because all the symptoms I was having matched the Ovarian Cancer symptoms list. Then when I went to the Urologist, the first thing they did was rule out bladder cancer before going forward with other tests for IC which was finally diagnosed in the OR with cysto/hydro. It is worrisome for sure until you know all the answers but you can have a stomach ultra sound on your Ovaries to rule out cancer. Keep smiling and chances are you will be fine........except for the IC of course


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      Hi, I don't want to scare you...


      I have had IC (undiagnosed) since 2001. I had six UTI's in a row every three weeks, after that they started coming back no bacteria present in the culture. I only got diagnosed with IC this past April. I was put on Elmiron, Ditropan and Elavil. I would say my bladder symptoms - frequency, urgency, and pressure have improved by 80%. Which is wonderful. I think the ditropan is helping me the most, but I think the Elmiron may be working as well. I saw another Uro the other day and he wants me to start rimso...but i have been feeling so well, I think I am going to put it off.

      Well for the last six months my symptoms changed. About a year ago, my breasts started leaking milk. Not alot, but I went to my doctor. They did a breast exam and blood work on my hormones - nothing seemed out of order so it was not followed up. Well since christmas, I gained 10 pounds with no explanation mostly in my stomach. I look about four months pregnant. I am a small person (around a size 4/6) so it is noticebly. I also started getting bloating, retaining water all the time, I go back and forth between constapation and diarhea - one or the other all the time, my abdominal pain has shifted to my ovaries rather than before where if felt like it was my bladder and if I emptied it I would feel like I would feel better. Anyway, I also went from having a menstral cycle of 38 days with only 1-2 days of bleeding to having a period 3 times a month. If I exercise I bleed, if I have sex I bleed....I also started having naseua all the time. I have thrown up for no reason a dozen times in the last three months. I swear I felt like I was pregnant and a couple of times took tests because even though it wasn't possible I could swear I was.

      Anyway, my doctor in feb. said there may be something going on there besides your bladder and booked me in for a CT scan. I had my CT scan May 28th. I got my results back last tuesday showing a complex cyst on my right ovary. They booked me in for a ultrasound for today for follow up.

      Well I went in today. BY the way for those of you with IC ultrasounds are hell arn't they??? I told them I can not hold this I let some go three times!!! I looked about six months pregnant...Anyway, they did an abdominal ultrasound first and found the 'cyst' and then they said they would have to do a transvaginal to get a better look. Well, they told me in there it is not a cyst. It is a solid mass around the size of a Canadian "loonie" dollar. At first he did not think it was even attached to the ovary, because it is not on the ovary, but then he saw a blood vessel going from my right ovary to the mass. Anyway, I will have the offical results in seven days....

      Right now I am praying it will be benign, but my grand mother had ovarian cancer at 36, Im 28, so I am scared...
      But thank god for my IC...If I hadn't been in search of what was going on with my bladder who knows how long this tumor would have been undetected. I had a ultrasound on my ovaries on FEb 15th this year and it wasn't there then...So we have a baseline of how long it has been there.

      So some good has come out of me having IC....

      I think that you know your own body. If symptoms change or it doesn't necessarily feel like 'bladder' to you...get it checked out. I had bladder symptoms for 5 years, and in the last six months - my symptoms changed...I kept telling my doctor, my hubby and my I knew and made sure others knew as well, and thank god they listened.

      Good luck and try not to worry too much, I hate it when people say it to me, but really worrying doesn't help.....Just make sure if you have concerns you get it checked.


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        Carolyn, I just had the same experience. I went to the ER thinking I had appendicitis. The Dr told me I had a cyst on the right ovary(only one I have left after hysterectomy in October) I followed up with my GYN and just found out a week or so ago I have what is called Moderately differentiated epithelial ovarian carcinoma. In lamens terms it is cancer in the tissue on the outside of the ovary. It is stage II so it has spread to the lining of the abdominal wall. I was absolutely devastated with the news. I've had some time to think about things and I realize that with everything else I have been through in the 30 years I have been around, I am NOT going to let this take me down! I am too stubborn and hard headed to let it beat me. So what if I lose my hair, or feel like crap after the chemo, if I can live 12 years with IC, I can do anything!
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          First of all, thank everyone for responding. Both of you are so brave and have such a good attitude; I can learn a lot from you!

          The main reason I posted this concern is because even thought I have been diagnosed with IC nothing so far seems to work for me so I keep thinking that the diagnosis is not right. I have had the cysto w/hydro, 4 months of PT, now for about 3 months I have been taking elmiron, elavil, hydroxine, xanac, darvacet, vicadin, lunesta and NOTHING helps. I feel worse right now and getting ready to start a new day of full meds because I am sitting at my computer at work and just sitting hurts. Maybe I should stop obssessing on my pain and start thinking of others! Yes that is what I will do.


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            Nope don't stop need to think about yourself!!!! Get yourself to a doctor now, and if they won't do anything for you, go to another doctor, until you find someone who will do what it takes to make you feel better. We deserve a pain free life. We are not whiners, complainers, hysterical women...what we are is in pain and if others could feel what we feel you can be sure they would be doing something about it. We are not focused on ourselves, we are focused on getting out of pain. This is a normal response, not selfish or ridiculous. Something will just have to keep looking. I truly believe that we can all get out of pain, we just need someone who will work with us on finding our "cure"....Even if it means bladder removal for some, at least their pain is reduced (most times)....I really have hope that there is something that can be done for all of matter what are symptoms are. It may seem hopeless, but at times, all we have is hope, and we are not going to let insensitive people tell us we are wrong about how we feel. IF we feel pain, we are in pain! You may have other things besides IC. I hate how once you are diagnosed with IC, every symptom you have according to some doctors is the IC> "oh you have pain in your ear, that must be your IC"...ok now I am being sarcastic...but still for some reason, some doctors can not see that we can have other things wrong at the same time. ITs like when you are pregnant, everything that goes on when your pregnant it seems the doctors chalk up to being pregnant rather than a seperate issue...It is frustrating.

            I suggest being checked for yeast overgrowth, get an CT scan on your abdominal organs, get a pap, get checked for any std's, maybe even check for endo....If you are getting the feeling it is more than IC, then tell them that...
            What is the worst thing that can happen? We end up looking foolish because it was the IC all the time? I would rather be wrong, then end up missing something that could lead to sinster things, or miss something, that could be treated and I could be out of misery....

            Good luck!


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              Thanks Carolynyeo. I needed that pep talk. I am scheduled to see my gyn next month and will make sure that I eliminate all other conditions!!