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    Silverfox thanks to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are my Angel. I did not know anything about Hypothyroid. Now i know becouse of you. I finally i got a dr who treated your symptoms instead of your blood work. My tests were fairly normal but my doc started me on the armour anyway. He listen to me & belive me. He gave me Armour thyroid in my first visit of his office. Thanks again Silverfox.

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    Hi Ihateic,
    Could you tell me what your sympthons were to go on the drug??
    Was weight gain one of them? I have been tested to death and it comes back normal. My dr., is as confused as I am.
    Would you please answer as I am going to dr., tomorrow on the 18th.
    Thank YOU
    People may not remember exactly what "you did, or what you said, but- they will always remember how you made them feel"


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      Hi IHATEIC,
      I just sent you a P.M. If you get a chance would you please read it???
      Thanks so much
      People may not remember exactly what "you did, or what you said, but- they will always remember how you made them feel"


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        I just sent you a P.M. check your e-mail. sorry for dealy. If you need some more inf. let me know. i try to help you out. one more thing go to this web site.
        & try to found doctor who Prescribing Armour Thyroid. than go from there. How i found my doctor.


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          Dear ihateic,

          You are very, very welcome. Thank you for the nice message. It's so good to know that I was able to pass along some very important information about Hypothyroidism. I'm going to post your message on my bathroom mirror so I will remember every day that I do have some value in this big world. Some days in my life have not been so happy, and always a struggle to survive.

          I am so happy that you found a great Dr. who understands Hypothyroidism, and with his help you will be feeling so much better maybe real soon.
          But, I must say that it may take a while to reach just the right dose of Armour thyroid. Anyway, when you need thyroid it is for life, and you might be needing to adjust the dose. For instance, pregnancy calls for an increase in Armour, for the baby. Also, if you take BC pills or HRT hormones for the change of life. Thank goodness that it is so easy to do, and all you need is that special Dr. who is smart and very educated about Armour thyroid. The cost isn't bad either for the great results will happen.

          I wish you good luck on your thyroid journey. Be sure to join your states thyroid support group. Its a yahoo group. Some states even have support group meetings, the need for thyroid awareness is so big. And there are books, and web sites lots information to search for.

          I found this site, of a Woman and her thyroid Story. Go to "Gails Thyroid Tips"

          Its very long and very interesting, and after all this time on Armour thyroid I still do not understand all of the information on this site. I am still trying to learn about thyroid.

          Glad you did your homework and found a good Dr.
          It's very sweet of you to call me "your angel" I believe if I can help one person, that it's just part of God's plan.

          God bless you, Love Silverfox


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            My Angel

            I read Galis Thyroid Tips. I like it & it is very Intersting too. there is lot to learn about Thyroid. Guess what My doughter is 12 year old & i think she had a Hypothyroidism or Autoimmune Thyroid Diseases. She had some symptoms of it. I make her Appt. with my doctor to see what he think. I never know anything about it. I know she complain about her beeing so tired all the time. But lateley i am checking her temp. every morning her temp. is very low, lower than mine. I am glade i know some thing about Thyroid becosue of you so i can take care of me & my doughter. Thanks again some day i would want to talk to you on phone if that is ok with you.