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  • Hypothyroid

    I suspected low thyroid for quite some time so, I had my GP run a blood test. It did come back Hypo. (7.12) I was just wondering if any of you have it and how it is treated, either with a synthetic or natural hormone. I was prescribed 100 mcg. of Synthroid. (which is a popular one) What kind of irritated me was that my GP didn't want to see me when I got the results back? The nurse just called me with the results, called in the presc. and then told me to see the Dr. in 4 months! Amazing!! I guess he is still "old school" where everyone still thought just a "pill" cured this disease! I have been suffering from fatigue, dry skin, depression, no sex drive, (just started losing a bunch of hair!) Well, those symptoms just increased recently and I am the one who had to basically figure out what was wrong. I also suffer from FM (15 years) and IC. I am praying that this will help me get back some energy. I have been on Prozac for years and now take Hydroxine, and Percs. (every day for IC pain) Other stories will help me tremendously!! Thanks!

    "Don't quit when the tide is lowest, For it's just about to turn; Don't quit over doubts and questions, For there's something you may learn."

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    I have been taking Synthroid 100 mcg for over ten years. Recently a doctor increased it to 150 mcg, but now I am trying a natural supplement (Kelp with Iodine) given to me by a naturopath for thyroid support. My goal is to eventually get off of all prescription drugs by replacing them with natural alternatives. I think the less drugs we have in our systems, the better. Drugs are toxic. eek Yes, they are necessary sometimes, but I am concerned about the safety of long term use. I don't like the idea of having to take a drug for the rest of my life. Hopefully the natural supplement can one day replace my Synthroid!

    Zanni2 angel


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      I was also diagnosed with hashimoto's thyroiditis (hypothyroid) with all the symtoms you have.I was first diagnosed with IC and a few years later with all the symptoms you described, I started on synthroid as well. Within 20 minutes of the first pill I took, I felt a burn in my bladder and it happened every day taking the synthroid. I thought I was in a terrible flare. I did some research as well as speaking with other ICers and found that a few others couldn't tolerate the synthroid as well. I was told about Armour thyroid a natural thyroid medication and my bladder was fine after that. Actually when I got my numbers close to where they needed to be, my fibro and bladder symptoms as well as my energy got better. It took some time to feel better.I am also very sensitive to meds, and have to split the dose twice a day. It has been working for me and I can tell you that if I didn't mention to the doctor to take the blood test for thyroid, it may not have been discovered for quite some time. I also found that quite a few of us have thyroid problems so we are not alone. Hashimoto's is autoimmune and my doctor feels my IC is as well. He also told me that many times he finds that his patients who have one autoimmune disease, generally ends up with 2 or 3. Anyway, we are all in this together and the more knowledge we have, the more on top of things we can be.
      Good luck,


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        Hi Dana,

        I agree with Cora on this. Please go to the Armour site and start looking for a new Dr. for treating your Hypothyroidism. Your Dr. is not right in just telling you to take the Synthroid and come back several months later. Someone with all your problems should be treated with more consern. This Dr. should be seeing you about every 6 weeks and checking on your blood level. This is much too serious to just leave it to figure out on your own. It takes most patients several changes in medication before they get just the right amount. Start looking for someone in your area who would be willing to give you a trial of Armour thyroid. I am now taking 3 1/2 grains and my Dr. treats by symptoms and bloodtest results.

        You may be like me and many others who need both T4 and T3. T3 is the hormone that is ready for use by your body cells. The Synthroid is synthetic and comes with only T4. The T4 is supposed to convert to T3 and in many it never does so they will remain Hypothyroid. You don't need an endochrinologist, just find a GP or family Dr. who says he will treat with Armour Thyroid. See

        All of my fibromyalgia is gone now that I am taking an increase in my Armour thyroid. This is an old medication but It can make an astounding difference in your life.

        I even helped one of my Drs. get a close family member on Armour thyroid and he said it was life-changing for her. He didn't know about Armour thyroid because they only taught him about Synthroid in Med School. He now tells me he owes me a great deal of gratitude!

        Good Luck in your search for a good Dr. and great Thyroid treatment.



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          Thanks for your replies. The first few days on the medication I felt a little funny but, that seems to have mostly gone away. (I was getting overheated, cranky) I guess I will continue with this med. for now. See how things go. It doesn't seem to bother my bladder, so far. Did you notice that some of your cravings for junk food lessoned? I just hope that I can lose some of the extra weight. If I get some energy back I am sure that I can at least start walking. Thanks again!

          "Don't quit when the tide is lowest, For it's just about to turn; Don't quit over doubts and questions, For there's something you may learn."


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            I too take name brand Synthroid for my hypothyroidism. I believe my doctor needs to run the breakdown tests on me, not just a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) but break it down into a T3, T4, etc, and learn more about what is REALLY in these results because I am so tired lately, and though some of that is depression or lack of sleep, or even TOO much sleep, its just not right.

            My periods are running 45-60 days again which was my first symptom, I didnt have one for 3 months when dx'd as hair was falling out too, not bad, but I did have a brush full of hair and still do, but I have a lot of hair thats thick, but dont know how long this will last.

            They tell me that generic Synthroid is not predictable and nobody will rx it, so why it is even made I dont know!

            I'm right there with you though, they need to follow up more frequently than most docs do....I've been on the same RX for years now, about 2 years, and I think a lot of my problems come from this and aggravate all the illnesses/diseases I've got.

            I'm here if you need a shoulder or just someone to vent to.

            Hugs, Sandy

            ps. every follow up bloodwork I've had done, I ASKED for.......amazing isnt it?


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              Hi Sandy,

              From all your symptoms it sounds as though you also need a new DR. and one that understands the importance of all the thyroid hormones, that God has given us. When they put a patient on just the T4 how can they feel well? what about the T3 hormone?
              It is said to be much more biologically active than T4, and some of your cells desparately need T3 along with T4.

              Here is a story written by another Hypothyroid patient, you might find interesting but long and this was her own experience.

              Take care now, Silver


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                I didn't have a chance to thank you for PM'ing me last week. Thanks for your information. I am going to look into the Armour. I plan on calling my dr. first to see what my levels were. And then to see if he will prescribe the Armour. If he doesn't then I will move on.....thanks

                "Don't quit when the tide is lowest, For it's just about to turn; Don't quit over doubts and questions, For there's something you may learn."


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                  Forgot to put your name! Silverfox Thanks

                  "Don't quit when the tide is lowest, For it's just about to turn; Don't quit over doubts and questions, For there's something you may learn."


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                    You're right Silverfox, there needs to be more in depth checks, then more protection of all the thyroid hormones.......and then I read the armour statement, and I was wracking my brain when I wrote yesterday trying to remember the name (fibro fog) of that Rx and that a lot more people are succcesful on it rather than on synthroid.

                    I think its great to ask for the additional blood work as well as the armour rx if synthroid isnt to talk our docs into it......



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                      Hi Sandy,

                      I've always noticed that people with IC always complain of many of those symptoms that are common to people with Hypothyroidism.

                      Reading the previous thread on dry eyes, lack of saliva in the mouth and very dry skin, sometimes in certain areas like the soles of feet. All of these are symptoms very common to Hypothyroidism.
                      You would be amazed at how much softer the skin can become when a low thyroid patient is put on the right Thyroid hormones at the right level.

                      After my Dr. increased my Armour thyroid from 2 to 3 1/2 grains, my skin became much smoother and softer(my husband noticed this) generally all over but especially on my feet. I have the softest feet that I have ever had since my treatment with the T4 and T3 in Armour.

                      Also, when people complain about dry eyes, lack of saliva, suggestive of sjogerns syndrome, it is known that with the correct thyroid hormones these symptoms will improve or go away with the correct thyroid treatment.

                      Just wanted to add this here incase it helps someone else. It is a known fact, that the thyroid hormones affect every cell and organ system in the body. Thus, causing lots and lots of weird symptom that are usually treated with other medications and sometimes the patient can go years without a correct dianosis.

                      I have talked to others on the Synthroid hormone for many years, who still have complaints of many of these weird symptoms, maybe because they are not fully treated with that very useful T3 thyroid hormone. It well known that the thyroid hormones have do effect the glands that cause the tears and saliva in the body. This has to do with nerve damage that happens to those autonomic nerves, those that make the glands function automatically.

                      Good luck and don't give up your search for good health.



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                        Now that you put so much together for me it all makes some sense, well, some of it makes sense.

                        Thank you for doing that from the outside looking in, it really makes a difference to have someone else look at my physical situation.

                        I HAVE to make an appt with my GP soon, like next week, and I plan on asking him for the tests, again, and this time I wont leave with just a TSH test.

                        Thank you again. Sandy

                        (ps..It's amazing to see someone else's perspective on this and makes me wonder how *I* didnt connect the dry feet, etc, myself.)


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                          Hi Sandy,

                          I thought I should mention that if you have any problems with fibromyalgia, you will be amazed with how the Armour thyroid will heal this particular symptom.

                          I used to have severe pain in my sholder and in my lower back and painful sciatica in my hips.(also from Hypothyroid nerve damage) Just increasing my dose of Armour thyroid took all my aches and pain away.

                          Now I have joined a gym, and I take 1 hour of water aerobics a day plus half an hour on the stair climber and weight machines.

                          I can't tell if this will be your success, but none of my Drs. ever told me this. I had to find this out on my own. My Dr. tells me the reason they do not give Armour thyroid to all, is "that there is not enough available for all". Well, I say if America can go to Mars, we can find a way to treat everyone so they don't have to suffer with all these terrible pains.

                          If your family Dr. won't let you have a trial of Armour thyroid go to the Armour site and find one that will. Only by trying will you ever know the answer yourself. It is legal and very safe. Millions of people are taking Armour thyroid with great results. wink

                          God bless, Silverfox