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Normal # of UTIs per year?

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    12 uts a year? that is one for every month lol. That doesn't sound right. I am going to ask my uro that question, what is consider normal for utis? YOu should see the list of questions I have for him today lol. He might not eat lunch lol.I will let you all know how I make out. Kim good luck on your research.
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      12 UTIs a year sounds really excessive. I think at my worst (about 4 years ago) I had about 6 infections a year. A couple were the all-out major bladder infections with bleeding and constant pain. At this point I have not had a UTI in probably close to a year. My uro prescribed Macrobid for me to take after sex and that really helped break the cycle. Also, ever since I've been on all of these IC meds and rinsing the vaginal area with cool water after sex (I always urinate before and after), I haven't even used the Macrobid consistently and still have not gotten a UTI. I keep my fingers crossed that I don't get one for fear of triggering another IC flare!

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        I have chronic UTIs and have had them since I was 17 (I am 29 now...b-day was Jan 4).

        Most are related to sex for me. I did 7 months of macrodantin to "break the cycle" in 2003.

        I take cipro after sex and this helps alot. Missed the cipro once recently and had a bad infection.

        I just went to the uro today and she lowered the cipro dose b/c I was having side effects and it was really high. Hopefully it will still work. I am nervous but want to try it.

        As far as normal numbers of UTIs, I thought more than 3 per year was chronic. I don't know off the top of my head how many I had in 2003, but it was probably at least 6.

        I'd like to post more, but am having a bad day pain wise and it is hard to type (or think!).



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          Sorry you aren't feeling well, Nicole. kissing

          Thanks for the info, gals. I am thinking my uro said it can be normal to get up to 6 a year. Anyway, if I get another one soon, I will most likely ask about the antibiotic after sex.

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          I've been virtually symptom free and able to eat & drink whatever I'd like for about 8 years now.


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            I took Bactrim after sex when I was still being diagnosed with "honeymoon cystitis". It seriously messed up my immune system. I am also now horribly allergic to Bactrim. I haven't gotten a UTI since last May. One thing that has worked for me was trying to build up my immune system by eating meat not treated with antibiotics--usually organic or natural. It really has made a difference. While I was on antibiotic therapy I got the worst case of Bronchitis. It was horrible. I would cough until I threw up. It lasted 3 weeks. Now I just clean up after sex, and since I can't use birth control anymore, DH uses non-latex condoms. I think that might make a difference too.


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              first of all, ANY UTI's seem like too much...with IC, who needs a UTI on top of it all wink

              i was doing the antibiotic-after-sex thing for years as well, but i don't like the idea of it for a few reason. first, taking an antibiotic regularly can reduce its effectiveness when you really need it. second, if you take an antibiotic and only partially kill the organism, it can become antibiotic-resistant and then who knows what will kill it off. this is happening with strep...there are some strains that cannot be killed because of antibiotic resistance.

              aside from all that, the pills made me sick to my stomach.

              i mentioned all this to my accupuncturist, who also does not like constant antibiotics. she mentioned the same thyroid issue that was previously noted on this board. i've been taking one of her herbal remedies and so far, so good...i'll tell you, the first couple of times that i had sex without the antibiotic, i was a nervous wreck for 48 hours following (that's usually the window...after that and i'm usually ok).'s been four months so far. i'm knocking on wood even as i type this.

              good luck...

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                i have one uti a mth the week before mother nature come to visit it is awful if i dont get it treated asap before my mthly hits i end up in the er.
                I know this isnt normal but they cant seem to find the root of my infections. some of my infection has eased off since i started the heparin treatments at home so the uti i get now or very mild when they was plus 4.
                i wish you luck in finding out where they are coming from.
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                5. Gentamicin 80mg install after each rescue treatment
                5 Leviquin 500mg self start as needed.
                6. Klonopin 1 or 2 daily as needed.
                7. Prosed/DS as 1 every 6hrs as needed.

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