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Neuropathic Foot Pain

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  • Neuropathic Foot Pain

    Do any of you have neuropathic foot pain, and if so what have you found that helps the pain and the tingling sensations? My Dr. prescribed me Neurontin,a week ago, but so far I haven't seen any difference. Honestly, what has helped me, more than anything, has been the heating pad. Anyone else with this problem?


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    I often get "hot" or "burning" feet at night... but it hasn't been diagnosed as anything as yet. Had it for years.. and think that it's probably related to my scoliosis in some way.

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      Hi Mal and Jill,

      I have neuropathic foot pain. I have this very same nerve pain in both hands of equal intensity. I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroid Polyneuropathies. I belong to the Neuropathy Association Support Group. We meet once a month at a hospital. Most of the people in that group have neuropathic pains caused by Diabetes. Diabetes causes very similar neuropathic pains and nerve damage as in Hypothyroidism. I do not have diabetes.

      You might go to their site at and ask others on the forum for help or call their office. Not much research is being done on neuropathic pains.

      I went too long before I was diagnosed and now suffer nerve damage throughout my entire body. Some damage is to the distal nerves like the feet and hands, I used to have carpal tunnel very severely with lack of feeling, I still have no strength in my hands. Nerve's can heal but very, very slowly and from the spinal cord on out. I also have Autonomic nerve damage in my body, and this can affect all the organs and blood vessels, not good! I know it affected my bowels causing me severe IBS, and affected the glands in my body. I think it affected my lungs and worst of all my heart. Another name for Autonomic nerve damage is dysautonomia. You can read about nerve damage at I know this is scary stuff but I wish that I had the information about "Neuropathic pain" long ago, before I got so bad.
      I have tried many things for the neuropathic pains including Neurontin, but Neurontin made me feel so groggy. My Drs. also tell me that the nerves will burn worse when they are healing and that the body has a wonderful way of being able to heal itself.

      Please ask your Dr. the cause of your "Neuropathic feet". I learned the hard way that this is a pain that is not normal, knowing what is the cause is very important because perhaps there is treatment you should be taking for this. Had I not ever been treated for the low thyroid disease my nerve damage would have continued.

      Hey did you know that dogs suffer the same type of nerve damage in their feet and it affects their walking, and all through there body, if they could talk I think that they would tell us they have burning feet too.

      Good Luck and take care, Silver