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I had to have a colonoscopy

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  • I had to have a colonoscopy

    My dr sent me to a GI dr for more tests because I am still having a lot of stomach pain, I had to have a colonoscopy done and got the results back yesterday. He said I had one polyp that he removed and 3 more spots that he did biopsies on, they were all negative, thank goodness. He did say that it could have turned into cancer if I had left them alone though.I have adhesions on some of my upper intestines from having 3 abdominal surgeries in recent years, so that is causing me pain, my intestines are sort of in a kink I guess. I am supposed to be on a strict diet of high fiber cereal and fruit and vegetables. That is kinda hard to do when you are limited in your choices with IC.So I really don't know what to eat. I am always constipated. My uro put me on elmiron about the same time I went for the colonoscopy, too. So I am on alot of different meds that are contributing to it. I just want to feel better before May[my wedding]anybody know what you can eat that won't bother the IC, and is high in fiber?
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    My daughter has IC and a lot of colon problems but has not had a colonoscopy yet. I have a lot of constipation problems and have recently been eating almonds everyday (1 oz./a handful)and they really help. I think almonds are IC friendly.
    They provide a lot of fiber.


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      I have IC and already had colon removed and now have pouch inflammed....white bread should be fine....some cereals. I take a fiber suppliment (pill form I am picky) DRINK A LOT OF WATER if you are very constipated and supposed to get a lot of need for fluids. I possitively hate having practically nothing I can eat and feel like I am fading away. (literally I am already below what my wheight should be)

      Big hugs, maybe we can help each other through this. Eating is one of my biggest problems....I take a lot of vitamins.....I recommend if you have intestinal problems you take a multi vitamin too....good luck

      take care,
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        My gastro suggested Kashi GO LEAN cereals for my IBS w/ constipation, they have 10g of protein per serving. I prefer the honey oats but they also offer some with soy. They can be found in any grocery store on the cereal isle. I add blueberries sometimes and neither aggrevate my IC.
        hugs, jax