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Home remedies for the flu/cold??

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  • Home remedies for the flu/cold??

    Hi all,

    Does anyone have any home remedies that work for cold and flu? My hubby's sisters were sick and when visiting for Christmas he got sick and now I'm sick. I hate this immune system of mine!! I've got a sore throat, nausea, headache, cough, sneezing, body aches, fever, and fatigue, and my voice has changed as it always does with a cold and flu, I sound like a frog. :p

    I really don't want to go to the doctor for a cold, since there's nothing they can do anyway, so is there anything that I can do here at home that will work to get me feeling better quicker? I've been taking Motrin and drinking Sprite and sipping broth, and so far I just feel worse and worse. Help!!!!!!! banghead
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    sassafrass tea, or a clove of garlic mixed with honey. They had a remedy for cystitis too, if you can believe that, lol!

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      If you're running a fever, please telephone your doctor. The flu that's going around this year is really knocking people for a loop.

      I'm another one who loses my voice when I catch cold. About the only things I do is to be sure I'm drinking lots, take generic Chlor-Trimeton and Robitussen DM, which is what our doctor always tells us to do.

      And be sure to get lots and lots of rest.

      Sending healing hugs,
      Stay safe

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        Go to the dr PLEASE, Thats what happend with ash the day of the 19th and by that night her fever was 102.8 the dr said it was sinus/throat infection/ flu like symptoms, and it went right on thru the house.. at least you might get some anti's hoping you feel better and sending you a hug and a prayer.
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          Hi Jess, sounds like you have got that bug that seems to be zapping everyone. I was recommended Robitussin DM, which did help with the cough, I also sounded like a frog, still have remmnants of the cough. If you start to run a fever would definitely go see your doc, this flu or cold, or bug whatever it is, is really nasty, and I know the sore throat seems to last for about a week. Seems like you are drinking plenty of fluids and resting, I hope as much as you can. Keep us posted Jess, I cannot think of anything else to recommend to you, I know I stayed away from cold medicines because the medication in most of them affect my IC, so I had a stuffed up nose for a long while. Keep us posted and hope some of the other gals have ideas to help you out, stay warm Jess and big hugs for your, mum Iris hi kissing grouphug grouphug
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            My mom said that Theraflu stuff is really good. I wouldn't know--I'm not allowed to take over the counter meds. (Had a stroke and am on blood thinner) My DH has had a bad cold and nothing was working for him. He went to the Dr today and it was an infection. He got antis, florinase, and was told to take his ashma inhaler.