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  • Nausea--need help/advice

    Less than a year ago I began to suffer from intense nausea, especially in the morning. It can be literally disabling, to point where I found myself balling, curled up in the fetal position in my closet trying to "hide" from it. Silly reaction, but I was desperate.

    Medical marijuana is the one thing completely eliminates it. I also used Marinol the highly inadequate "surrogate" our wonderful FDA has proffered as an alternative to burning rope.

    I have no idea where the nausea came from. It started long after I started taking large doses of narcotics. It started long after I started taking Elmiron. And after I started taking Valium.

    I can find no common denominator in what causes it except that it is almost always there, whether just around the edges of consciousness, or slagging me with a (metaphorical) twenty-pound sledge. It's far worse than the mirgraines I suffered as a kid.

    I also went a whole year without smoking and no nausea. After almost twenty years I would like to eliminate marijuana, medical or otherwise, from my life. It causes too much friction in the marriage and my toddler things Daddy's "smoking cigagrs."

    THC is the only thing that works. Even if the other anti-nausea drugs do work, they leave me horribly sick or so dopey/dippy/sleepy I can't properly supervise my 4 year old. Dad zonked on the couch from Phenergan is just not on. Whereas, marijuana has not such problems.

    In fact, stoned people drive better than sober people--as a long bured Federal study proved some year ago. I know this from personal experience. One must, of course, find out for one's self, but the odds it'll make you better at driving because you'll be far more careful. Unlike drinking which makes you not care about anything due to the lighter fluid you've been drinking.

    I really need help/advice on this issue. We aren't poor, but with the cost of medical mary jane and my insurance's high charge for the Marinol, this is getting to be an expensive problem.

    Also, the doctors are scared silly by Federal threats to take away their prescribing priveleges to prescribe pot. Fortunately, a medical condition is a defense in our state's law to "possession"--a civil offense punished by a fine any way, but a $600 fine for stuff that's impossible to OD on!--but I'm still in a gray area.

    The cops in my town are punks with badges and guns so talking sense into one of them, ain't likely. So once again, the Powers That Be have decided their political careers are more important than relieving suffering.

    Were it not for the nausea, with my frequency and "flow" issues largely resolved, I would be left with just the constant, 12 year long pain night mare--as if that weren't bad enough.

    So whatever anyone can tell me (aside from silly stuff like ginger T, chiroprators or standing on my head mumbling Buddhist mantras, or handing crystals around my head) would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well I wish I could be of some help but I do know some elderly people who are nausea and dizziness sufferers. They too take the phenergan. Have you asked your doctor how long you have to be on this for the sleepiness to not be a side-effect.
    Just a thought. I hope you do find relief soon and start feeling better. It's tough enough trying to raise a young child feeling good, let alone not feeling that great.
    Maybe someone else will have more to add. hi
    Take care.
    Tons of support,

    IC angel helping families in need for the holidays. [email protected]


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      As a nurse I just wanted to say I am not against using marijuana for a medical condition. There are so many things it can help but the stigma is horrible. What causes the nausea? I'm assuming you do not know or you would have had it fixed. Have you tried meds like zofran or anzemet, we also give those for nausea and they don't seem to zonk people out as bad. I wish I had something else to offer. I'm sorry....



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        Have you tried Tigan? It is not used very often, but it works great for me with no side effects. I only ever phenergan as a last resort because that stuff totally wipes me out, though I find if I break it in half it helps and doesn't make me fall asleep. Nausea is the pits. Judith


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          I don"t know what to tell you except that you should call your dr and ask him or her what they can give you that won't make you so tired while you are watching your kids. Praying for you. Gentle hugs.
          Hang in there , There is hope.
          There is hope. Prayer works.

          Love, Debbie


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            Hey there! Here in Alaska you are allowed , for medicinal, to grow 6 plants & only have 3 mature. I have been looking into it because it seems to help w/ my pain when nothing else does.
            I actually feel guilty saying that but I am tired of being in pain & it actually helps. I tried up to 50mg of Duragesic patches & it didn't phase my pain. They have tried all sorts of stuff & it just takes the edge off. I am not sure where to start to get approved for it. It is for chronic pain. I am going to ask my Dr. @ my next check up. I told him that I have used it to sleep also & all he said is "Does it work?" So I just wanted to let you know taht I understand where you are coming from. Good Luck.


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              I'm another person who gets nausea from all pain medications I have ever taken. My doc automatically orders 25 mg phenergan for me to take with the pain med.

              I also have had labrynthitis (vertigo) several times and have had an anti-emetic ordered for that. It's an over the counter and comes in 12.5 and 25 mg tablets. Here the pharmacists keep it behind the counter so you have to ask for it. The name is meclizine --- I just bought a bottle of 100 25 mg for just under $10. I haven't taken it with a pain med to see if it works for that, but I keep it on hand at all times in case the vertigo hits again.

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                I have to take Pherergan every day too. I have to half it or I am wiped too. I guess there is no easy way with IC. Hugs