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Nerve palsey, Bells palsey, IC?

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  • Nerve palsey, Bells palsey, IC?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this question.......

    I have had bladder problems for the last 6 years. Dectrol helped the frequency at night and they checked for IC but I had no signs back then.

    This July I came down with a case of bells palsy, it got worse and it went bi lateral and the neurologist started to call it a facial/ nerve palsey. My whole body ached worse than the flu. My hands and feet where the worse (and all this in the midst of my busy wedding season) 12 weeks later I improved and did not proceed with the spinal tap to figure out the cause of the facial/nerve palsey.

    I have moderate to severe nerve damage in both hands (carpole tunnel like symptions) which I treat it with Bextra and the hand splints.......

    My bladder started to act uo about 7 weeks into the facial palsey, but held off going to the uro until after my sons second birthday in October, they dialated me while I had a bladder infection, then the start of my IC hell started up. 3 weeks later I was DX with IC.

    Could this all be related?

    They did tons of blood tests..... could this all be related in some weird way? Both neurologist and urologist, and obgyn and GP know of each other, but should I keep asking if everything moght be related?

    I am currently seeing a wonderful new Dr who is URgynologist, he seems very compassionate about what I am going through. Concerned about my well being and hoping to help me get rid of some pain.

    He wants me to have laproscopy in a few weeks to rule out endrometrosis, since my pelvic U/S from my uro wasn't exactly clear in some areas (I find that out 8 weeks after it was done, by the new dr reading and seeing the report....... scary)

    Thanks for listening......

    I feel so old at 27 with all these health problems......makes me grateful for what good health I did have prior to having my son.....

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    Hang in there, I to know how hard it is to wait and worry over a diagnosis, Your story gives me encouragement because of all the stuff you do dispite when the going get's rough. You certainly must be a strong lady.
    These paths we walk take us into journeys we would have never imagined, if asked beforehand we would have turned and run, together here we are all here to support and love one another and perhaps with guidence, light and a firm grasp you can get through what ever might come your way.
    Hold onto the light that drives your soul and know you are loved,
    May the peace that God brings into your life fill your body and soul to make you stronger than before, you know the race, you have found your road, run for it!
    My heart and prayers go out to you.