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  • extreme tiredness

    Hey everyone, lately I have been suffering from extreme boughts of tiredness after very little exercise, I also notice my blood pressure drops quite low when these spells come about. I haven't been on any medications for two years and I am just wondering is there anyone else out there that isn't on medication that has had this happen or something similar? Also any ideas on how to ease these spells? I have also noticed that these spells come about especially when I have any type of pain as well.

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    I urge you to see your doctor. Please call and make an appointment.

    Sending healing thoughts,
    Stay safe

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      Pain can make you very tired, you can wake up ready to face the day but as the day progresses the pain seems to get at you more, you become more pain subjucted because of your tiredness and less able to deal with it.
      Have you had your blood pressure taken recently? I would discuss this with your doctor since your situation is unlike mine and my tiredness comes from Valium,Anti-depressants, Clonazipam, and Benedryl. He should be able to find and answer for you.
      I hope all turns out well for you and I wish you only the best!
      Much love and Concern!


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        I have seen my doctor in the past mentioning about this, he thought it could be blood sugar related that is causing me to feel tired and not myself. I have followed his orders so far on how to fix this but I still get very tired easily. I have a wrist blood pressure monitor which when I have my spells I usually check it, The lowest that I have had so far was 94/60 with a pulse of 54. Not completely sure why it should be so low when I am not on any medications. I am going to go see the doctor as soon as I can. Thanks again.
        Take Care


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          Hello Amy,

          I was misdiagnosed for years. Along with my bladder symptoms I was extremely tired and was very sensitive to cold when others were fine.

          This went on for many many years and I was diagnosed with a low thyroid function. All those years that I was going to good Drs. they never even considered this disease.

          Be sure to ask about your thyroid function. When low thyroid is treated early the response is very good.

          take care, Silver


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            I agree you should see a doctor who can take some blood tests and assess the situation better. I suffered from extreme fatigue for months before finally going to the doctor, and it turned out I was very low in iron and B12, and now get regular B12 shots, and take iron was as simple as that!!! But I would definitely get it checked out.

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              I have had some thyroid blood tests done in the past when these spells first started, I had an ultrasound to check a thyroid nodule that I have which is still the same no change but they did notice a little inflamation of the thyroid itself. When they did the blood work though it came out completely normal. I also have been told on numerous occasions that I have been borderline anemic which I try to get extra iron in my diet. I haven't had any blood work done recently so I will definitely ask to get that checked when I see my doctor. I know that on my moms side of the family there seems to be lots of trouble with blood sugar levels. I think I am also going to question into getting a glucose tolerance test too see if that could be partially what is causing this extreme fatigue.
              Thanks again for replying.


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                You should get a finger poke kit and take your sugar a few times a day...and your blood pressure and pulse. Do you ever feel lightheaded? Does your chest ever pound? Sometimes your thyroid can be off and your bloodwork comes back "normal". You should get this checked out pronto. Also when you feel all washed out--try some sugar and see what happens.


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                  I do oftenly feel lightheaded and have a pounding in my chest but it usually comes out of no where, it hits me suddenly. I've had this happening for over almost a year now and anytime I have seen the doctor he has no idea what is causing it. We have ruled out anxiety. I am going to look into geting a finger poke test kit to check to see when my spells hit if it is extremely low blood sugar. The lowest in the past month that I had blood pressure wise was 91/60 with a pulse of 58 which is probably the lowest I've had. I will take all of your advice and will get this checked out very soon.
                  Thanks All
                  Amy :blink:


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                    I have a vasovagal condition called POTS. My pulse would get up to 200 or more beats per minute and my blood pressure would bottom out--like yours. I would feel comepletly washed out. It took a few years to get diagnosed correctly. They didn't thing there was anything physically wrong with my heart--until they discovered a hole in it this fall after I had a stroke--but they don't think it had much to do with my symptoms. I've been on blood pressure medication to RAISE my BP. Proamatine worked well for me and didn't give me IC symtoms. I've also been on a beta blocker to reduce my pulse, but I haven't needed it for a while, and I can't take it while I'm doing shot therapy for allergies. (in case of allergic reaction because beta blockers interfere with the epi-pens) The doctor that helped me the most was a special cardiologist called an Electrophysiologist. He deals with the electrical firings and misfirings of the heart. Since then, I went to a doctor in Toledo, Ohio that said that most of this was because my veins weren't strong enought to push blood to my heart--therefore my heart would beat really fast to overcompensate--some people's heart doesn't beat fast enought--they call that bradycardia. I drink a lot of fluids and eat EXTRA salt to maintain blood pressure--mine is around 100/80. I still need to see my doctor---I have blurred vision sometimes and I think my sugar is low. (I know, I know--I'm going,I just changed insurance and he's not on my new plan yet and his paperwork got caught up at the insurance company. I already had to pay out of pocket to see him once because I had the flu trying to become bronchitis. I'll see him as soon as he's in my plan again. I promise, Donna! ) I've walked around with my blood sugar at 34 and felt fine. :eek:


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                      I went to the doctors yesterday and will hopefully find out the results from my bloodwork soon. Knowing my luck though it'll turn out negative yet again. (Seems the story of my life lol) I will let you all know if anything turns up thanks all for the help.
                      Take Care From


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                        So how did your results turn out?


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                          i'm glad you went to the doctor i hope they find the answers for you.
                          sending you hugs and prayers
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                            Hey everyone
                            I didn't hear back from my doctors office which means the blood tests were completely normal. It's good news but still doesn't explain the extreme tiredness. I'll give it at least until wednesday which will make it a week, I have a feeling though that I won't hear from them.
                            Thanks for the hugs
                            Take Care All


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                              How much water are you drinking? Are you checking your blood pressure? You can get an inexpensive blood pressure machine and check your BP a few times a day. Write it down in a log. My blood tests were normal. If you're checking thyroid, there is more than just the TSH to check now.

                              The most common blood tests to evaluate thyroid function are:

                              Thyroxine (T4). Most of the T4 in blood is attached to a protein (called thyroxine-binding globulin). Less than 1% of the T4 is unattached. This is called free T4 or FT4, and it affects metabolism.

                              Triiodothyronine (T3). T3 has a greater effect on metabolism than T4, even though T3 is normally present in lower amounts than T4. Most T3 is made from T4 by body tissues after T4 is released from the thyroid gland. The rest of the T3 is produced directly by the thyroid gland. The total amount of T3 in the blood or the amount of free T3 (FT3) can be measured. Normally, less than 1% of the T3 is free.

                              Triiodothyronine uptake (T3U). The T3U test is an indirect measurement of the amount of the protein (thyroxine-binding globulin) that can bind to T3 and T4. The results of this test are useful only when evaluated along with other thyroid function tests.

                              Free thyroxine index (FTI or FT4). The FTI is a measure of the amount of T4 in relation to the amount of thyroxine-binding globulin present. The FTI is calculated from the T4 and T3U values. The FTI value can indicate when an abnormal level of T4 is due to an abnormal level of thyroxin-binding globulin in the blood.

                              (this is from another board I frequent.)