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leg, ankle, & back pain

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  • leg, ankle, & back pain

    I do not have constant pain, it comes and goes. I have it mostly in my back, legs, ankles, & knees. And when in comes it is so painful, I do not want to get out of bed. I'll just wake up and be in a lot of pain then as fast as it came on it disappears within a day or so. I was just diagnosed with IC a few weeks ago. I never put the two problems together before. Are they related? I am wondering if this is a totally different problem or if it is caused by IC. I have had this problem since childhood. I used to think it was the cold weather (I lived in upstate NY, close to Cananda) but now I live in Virginia.


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    You might ask your doctor about having a chemistry screen blood test to determine if you have any problems there. Sometimes it's difficult to get an adequate amount of calcium and potassium in the IC diet and either can cause the pain you describe.

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      I had leg pain so bad I could barely squat--my legs felt stiff and swolen, but they weren't. My doctor said it was cramps from low potassium and it got better when I took potassium tablets. I second Donna's suggestion to go to the doctor and see what's going on.


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        I agree with Donna, a simple blood test may answer some of your questions. It is hard to get all the nutrients we need with an IC diet, but the catch is, we STILL need them all just like anyone else!! Making sure I get all my nutrients has helped me to feel a lot better.

        If a blood test doesnt come back with any information for you, you might want to ask your doctor for a physical therapy evaluation. I had been having bouts of really bad back pain that radiated down my legs and ankles (sciatica) and Physical therapy has helped me immensly. I go to a pelvic floor physical therapist and she has discovered that I have a hip joint that goes out often.....this causes me an increase in frequency, and back and leg pain. She manipulates it back in for me and gives me exersizes to stregthen it and I feel much much better.

        Hope this helps some, let us know how you do!
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          i have the leg pain and lower back pain and it is due to ic but i agree with donna you should call your doctor and let him do test to make sure where this pain is coming from. grouphug
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            I have just started searching this site to find information. My Ic is getting way out of control, much worse since my diagnoses. I have pain everywhere! If it is potasium, it wil show up in blood work? and can i just go buy potasium pills? Are they save for IC patients or will they hurt?



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              I have had IC for 20 years. The pain is in my abdomen, bladder, back, legs and feet. Many doctors say this can not be coming from IC. Some say Fibromyalgia, other say no.
              I have had MRI's and Xrays and everything comes out fine.
              My pain is there all the time. I do know when it gets really bad in the bladder the rest of it is worse also.
              Wish I had an answer for you but all I have is "you are not alone".



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                I have pain in those areas as well.most of the time when it was rainy, I would get this nice shape pain. I talked to my doctor about it, and she told me that, it was from me playing sports in high school. That we keep getting older and our bodys aren't used to the pressures of life, and plus sports. She said there was nothing she can do about it, until it was so bad that they they had to do surgery to clean out the damage I already done to my knees and anckles and stuff. My potassium was done one point ealier last week, but everything else was okay. But i would also talk to your doctor about it. Good luck with everything


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                  Interesting... I have a lot of leg, knee, and ankle pain too. I was JUST thinking that my ankles are killing me. It is worse in the morning lately.

                  I just had bloodwork done though and everything came back fine, so who knows what it is. I suppose it could be like Kiyoka said... when I was younger I was a gymnast, so I wouldn't be surprised if my joints decided to rebel against me for all the pounding I made them take back then


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                  **I am not a medical authority nor do I offer definitive medical advice. I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.


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                    I have had many doctors ask me if I played sports when I was younger when I tell them of all the pain I'm in. The funny thing is, I never played sports. So, don't let them brush your pain off as this. It's so hard to get an accurate diagnosis, for me that is. I don't know about everyone else. There have been many times that they have almost convinced me that it's all in my head. But then I am suddenly awaken by, you guessed it, PAIN! I hope you find your answers soon. Take care of yourself.


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