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Chronic Fatique Syndrome and Fibronyalgia?

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  • Chronic Fatique Syndrome and Fibronyalgia?

    I'm very scared, I think I have both CFS and Fibro. I feel 100 when i'm only 21. I have a hard time doing everything now. I'm attending college, and I having a hard time rememeber stuff and making myself do what I need to do. I'm always tired. Joints and muscles pain all the time, when I run I get these sharp pain in my ankles. I don't really get to run very much since I feel like i'm going to pee my pants if I fun I just want to banghead against that way. Does anyone have any ideas? I hurt to be in pain. Will I be like this all of my life? Will I be able to start a job three years from now? Thanks for listeing.


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    I'm so sorry you are having a hard time right now. I hope your tomorrow will be a better day.

    I have to stick to low impact exercises --- I have never been able to run without pain since I was a child.

    Are you on any medications to help you?

    Warm healing thoughts,
    Stay safe

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      I do gentle yoga for my CFS and Fibro...that does help to get your body less achey. Also, sleep is very important, so the doctors try to make you focus on your sleep habits--people with Fibro do not go into a regular sleep cycle at night, so often a medication like Elavil is prescribed to help you get into that. I know you hate meds, me too!!

      Anyhoo, it is hard to be this young and to have this pain, but you will get through this. scream

      Hugs and love,
      Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!


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        My gosh I had no ides you where having such a bad time. All your symptoms sound a lot like mine, there are so many mysteries that come with this dang IC it is rediculous.
        I mailed you about the Mortician stuff and today I feel like a load of bricks fell on my belly and back , hip hurts, I am onery as he** and cannot get enough rest. I ,like you, wonder where I will be in 2 to 4 years. I so much want a career with a Mortician/Embalmers license and it seems obtainable if I could just get a break. I do not want to be on Social Security collecting my $343.00 a month, hell they may as well shoot me, (think my Vet would put me down for 40 bucks?) Shoot I don't even have forty bucks!
        It gets rough and it does get better too, I have faith that God will get US (YOU AND ME DARLIN') throough these obstacles. It is after midnight and it is time to vent, not even counting that Meridith (the Bachelorette picked the wrong dang guy, and I have cable on one tv that does not have local channels and I was watching the Carmin Elecra/Dave Nevaro wedding on MTV and it is being continued.
        They will have Meridith and the Chezzy guy on ABC tomorrow when Friends will be on, when will this ever end? T.V. is very important to me!! LOL!!
        I love you Ki and hope you can fell better soon!
        Send me and e-mail I would love to hear from you.
        Much love Sista'