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ruptured disc, surgery soon

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  • ruptured disc, surgery soon

    Things have taken an interesting turn for me. I've had a rupt. disc L5-S1 for years. It's worse and now includes a 2nd level S1-S2. Saw the neurosurgeon. I asked if this can be re' to the incapacitating bladder pain this last year as I've seen a few articles saying in a small number of IC patients, it can be. He thought not. Gave me 3 options: 1. spinal cord stimulator trial (retrograded specifically for bladder pain as opposed to interstim for urgency/frequency) 2. fix the back and see what happens 3. do both together. Prayed a lot for an answer. The disc suddenly blew out totally end of last week I think. The pain I've had for years moved from low back dead center to left hip/leg and it is excruciating but get this-the bladder pain almost totally resolved when the pain moved. Before when I lay down, I got excruciating bladder pain. Now when I lay down I get the severe hip/leg pain but bladder pain leaves. When I get up and move around, after 2 hours hip/leg pain leave and bladder pain returns. It sure would seem like a disc is moving on and off certain nerves. I get an updated MRI tues. The neuro is leaving for a month and can't offer me option 1. or 3. so looks like my decision is made for me. I hope that's a God thing. I'm anticipating a micro lammie next week by my local ortho who specializes in this. Going this route precludes a spinal cord stimulator for 6 mos. but really don't have a choice as I can barely walk when the hip/leg pain hit. But I am intrigued by this new and bizarre development. Can't help but wonder if the micro lammie might improve the bladder but can't let myself get my hopes up. Been there, done that but prayers appreciated!
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    I'll keep you in my prayers. I hope so much that this surgery will help with your bladder pain.

    Sending healing hugs,
    Stay safe

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      Wow, Dianne! I feel for you. I have low back pain, and have only just begun to go to the doctor for it. I am weary of back surgery. I look at my Mom who has chronic back issues. She has had 13+ back surgeries since 1989. She had several discs removed. Her back is so scared up now. And, evenher throat where a disc in the top of her spine was removed. I guess they had to go from the front for that one. We call it her frankenstein scar. Anyway, Mom has even had a permanent tens unit implanted in her spine. I would get a second opinion before undertaking any major surgery like that. It just seems to snowball into another and another. I don't say this to scare you, but to let you know how things CAN go. Good luck. And Just turn it all over to God. Only He can help. Michelle.


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        i will be praying for you i know you have been threw so much. grouphug keep praying hon God will give you the answer that is best for you. i know you are a stong woman so just believe in your self and the lord.
        if you need to chat please email me anytime i wish you the best! grouphug
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