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Frozen Shoulder Anyone?

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  • Frozen Shoulder Anyone?

    I have developed Frozen Shoulder(adhesive capsulitis)and of course my IC has flared too.
    Does anyone else have FS out there? This has been one of the most excruciating painful conditions I have ever had short of IC. I have lost 60% range of motion and it hurts just to type. And it's my right shoulder/arm too. I'm right handed. Are there other's on here with this or have overcome it? Help!
    I'm Perfectly Imperfect and Praying for Remission

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    My right shoulder froze after I had surgery for a rotator cuff problem. Mine was tissue healing incorrectly --- I had it released under anethesia --- extremely painful afterwards and required physical therapy for months.

    One of my co-workers had frozen shoulder at the same time (hers wasn't post op) --- she had physical therapy to release hers and it worked very well. Sometimes a cortisone shot in the joint helps relieve the pain.

    I know it hurts and hope it gets better very soon.

    Gentle hugs,
    Stay safe

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      Thank You for your support. Yes I had a cortisone shot last helped about 20%. I am starting with a new PT next week. He is going to do massage and hands on manipulation(not like the kind done under anesth.) I hope it helps but I'm not looking forward to it. It is such a horribly painful thing
      I'm glad you are better with your's.
      I will take that gentle hug!!!
      I'm Perfectly Imperfect and Praying for Remission