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endometrial ablation

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  • endometrial ablation

    Has anyone had this treatment done? If I understand this correctly, it is some sort of balloon type thing filled with very hot water and inserted in the uterus to sear the blood vessels to reduce or stop abnormal bleeding. I have been having very long, heavy cycles for some time and my ob-gyn suggested this as one option. My concern is the impact on the bladder. I also want to have more children.....and that's out with this tretament but with my health issues, it might not be an option anyway.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Trusting in God,

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    i had this done but mine was considered burning of the urterus wall , my cycles were very heavy as well but after the surgery i only had to use liners , huge difference and in alot of cases it stops the cycle . best of luck to u


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      Hi Carrie

      I had this done in 1992 in the UK to stop very heavy menstrual bleeding ; it didn't affect my bladder. My periods were much lighter afterwards. It's not an option if you want more children, is it? Have you tried visiting a herbalist?