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bottom of feet pain too?

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  • bottom of feet pain too?

    i know this sounds silly but since i have developed the painful part of IC my feet have been hurting pretty bad too, i have had plantar fascitis before and this may be that again, my feet hurt horribly all day and all night

    anyone else?

    or am i just generally falling apart?

    i am not formally diagnosed, will have cytoscopy end of january

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    I'm wondering if you have to stand a lot because of IC? I had sore feat because I could hardly sit down so I stood all the time with my weight on my feet almost every waking hour.

    Symptoms: started July 2007

    New pain medication regimen has things under pretty good control for many weeks now. Exercise and eating healthy along with pain control have given me new life.

    Current Symptoms: pain in testicles, penis and general groin area. Other discomfort that is beyond pain, a maddening crazed feeling that defies description. New pain medication has most symptoms under good control.

    Frequency and urgency was a problem the first year or so but frequency is normal now.

    Diagnosed: Prostatitis first then IC by Cysto/Hydro

    Current Meds: Hydroxyzine 25mg 3 x day, Pyridium 200mg 3 x day (off 3-4 days on 3-4 days), Oxycodone, Norvasc (BP).

    Past medications and treatments:
    Protatitis and IC diet strict for 6 months, no change. Still watch diet although nothing seems to help or make worse. Have tried reverse, ate lemons to see if worse but no change at all.

    Meds tried - Amitriptyline, Detrol, Flomax, Cipro, Doxycycline. many other antibiotics, Uroxatrol, Vicoprofen, Elmiron (6 months at $320 mo nothing), Aloe, Cysprotek, Glucosamine, Marshmallow, various oils, tons more stuff to strange and numerous to recount. Hydrodistension for diagnostic was horrible for two weeks after I was sure I must be going to die because nothing could feel that way and let you live.


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      You really need to talk with your doctor about your foot pain.

      Stay safe

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        My IC pain coincided with burning heels, which my doctor thought was strange. She checked for pudendal nerve entrapment, but it wasn't that. 10 mg of Elavil has pretty much taken care of the heel pain.


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          no i do not stand alot because i had surgery about 10 weeks ago and am not allowed to do a whole lot

          the aching feet started exactly at the same time my bladder/pelvic pain began hurting, and when my pelvic pain is worse my feet pain is worse

          i don't know if i will say anything to doc .....sometimes i get the "hysterical female" treatment from docs

          i have had a host of strange ailments in the last three years and many docs pretty much think it is all in my head....but one is testing me for MS, cause i also have lesions on my brain, but theyare atypical