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  • not sure what is going on

    Hello everyone,

    I have had IC for many years. I am currently having some other issues that are not IC related, I think. I had some blood work done and it shows that my iron, calcium and protein levels are all low. Blood sugar levels are fine. But now I get the jitters kind of like low blood sugar. I have a tester at home and test myself and it shows the normal range. I also have no ever.
    These resluts have occured more than once. and to 2 different regular doctors. Both of these drs do not seem to want to find out what is causing this or follow up with me to see if it is improving. I was seeing a dr (ob/gyn) for my IC but have not seen him in about a year since it is pretty under control. However, in the past, if there was any issue with my health he was right on it to find out what is going on. So I am going back to see this ob/gyn.

    Sad that the regular drs do not seem to care.

    Thanks for listening.
    symptoms: Pain, frequency, pressure
    triggers: stress, intercourse, soda, coffee, tomato sauces, artificial sweetners, msg , soy & scar tissue
    treatments: D-Mannoose supplement
    Diet free of wheat, soy, and dairy.
    4 laproscopies: 3 cystscopies, 2 w/ hydrodistention: breast reduction and revision:2 sinus surgeries
    Diagnosed with IC,IBS, PFD,TMJ (2012), endometriosis, dry eyes(2012), chronic sinus problems, allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity, adhesions, anxiety, depression,
    spinal problems(2012) Fibromyalgia (2012) adrenal fatigue (2012)