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Elevated Liver Enzyme

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  • Elevated Liver Enzyme

    Anyone ever dealt with elevated liver enzymes, specifically alkaline phosphatase? My is about 30 points above normal and my doctor has run three series of blood tests, an ultrasound, and now wants me to see a GI. Geez. And in the midst of this, we are TTC and maybe doing IVF. UGH. I just wish I knew what was going on Thanks!
    Synthroid 125 mcg
    Hydrocodone (when needed)
    Prosed DS (expensive!!!)
    Elavil (generic) ~12.5mg going to 25mg

    elevated liver enzymes on Elmiron so Elmiron is no more........

    Elavil has given me back my life. I still have flare ups now and again and instills help with those. Currently I am having instills of heparin and marcaine.

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    I wish you well and try not to worry it can make you flare hugs.
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      If you've had normal readings prior to taking Elmiron its highly probable that Elmiron is the culprit. Fortunately once the Elmiron is tapered down or stopped enzyme levels return to normal.
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        Don't get ahead of your self and worry too much about it. I know it is a pain to go through the tests etc, but better to know if something is going on which is probably is not. this happened to a freind and it turned out it was from taking tylenol, she stopped and her enzymes returned to normal, I am not sure which ones of hers were high, but it probably could be a number of things all of which are not nessecarily much of a problem.

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          I've been taking elmiron since 2003 and it has been very effective. Had a routine blood test for a new life insurance policy and found that my AST is 110 (normal is 0-33) and ALT is 61 (normal is 0-45). Apparently my doc hasn't run blood tests on me in years so no idea how long it has been elevated. Doc has ordered me to cease elmiron immediately. Already freaking out that this will cause flare ups as I tried to sop taking it years ago.