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  • Cipro resistant UTI

    I had probably one of the worst UTI's I've ever had recently. I tend to be prone to them and usually do not know when I have them because the IC symptoms mask it. This one has been horrible. I was given Cipro which I was told is the good one to take for the raging ones. Well, some symptoms let up a bit but I found out today that I still have the infection according to culture. I have bacterial vaginosis right now as well. I'm concerned why the Cipro didn't take care of it. I just talked to them and they are giving me Macrobid now. Could someone explain this to me? If an antibiotic didn't work why are they giving me an antiseptic? I'm scared this UTI won't go away too! Cipro seems to be one of the best to take! I don't want a kidney infection too! I hope someone can explain some of this to me for me to understand and ease my mind as well. Thanks, Ann
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    Macrobid is an antibiotic. Hopefully this will be the one to clear your infection. Sometimes different bacteria don't despond to a certain antibiotics, so it's good that they've changed yours. Hopefully you'll be feeling much better very soon.
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      Thanks Katie for your reply so quick! Gosh, I am so confused because they told me on the phone that it's an antiseptic and I looked it up too. Maybe it is an antibiotic with antiseptic properties? idk.
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        back in 2006, when I got my first UTI I was told that UTI' s are becoming more resistant to cipro. I finished my course of cipro and it cleared my infection. but my symptoms never went away. then I was diagnosed for IC. Macrobid is a good one. make sure that you are drinking alot of water and probaly shouldnt have intercourse till ur done with your treatment. some people also need longer treatments. If macrobid doesnt work. I would request a urine culture. they can see if your bacteria is resistant to a certain anti-biotic
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          It may well be that the culture and sensitivity test determined the most effective treatment for the specific bacteria. I hope you feel better very soon.

          Warm hugs,
          Stay safe

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            UTI remedy

            Along with having IC, my GYN took a test and it came up with a yeast infection. Remedy was Diflucan, one first week, one second week. Amazing relief for my IC while treating the Yeast. I don't understand it!


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              There is such thing as a urinary or bladder yeast infection (not sure I have the proper terminology here but I'm sure you get what I mean...overgrowth of yeast in bladder)....I wonder if that is why the Diflucan relieved some IC symptoms for you.
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                I had a similar problem. I had symptoms of uti but typical tests showed no infection but i had blood in urine. My uro found that i had staph and strep bacteria. The way she explained it is like there's layers of both in there and we had to keep treating one then the other over and over until i tested neg for both. Now she does cultures for both every six months. I ended up taking a few courses of levequin before it was all over. Levaquin has cleared up every infection i ever used it for, but it can be very dangerous. Typically drs will try other things first but mine goes straight to levequin because nothing else ever works. Also i believe Flagyll will work for bacterial vaginosis, if you can get that cleared up first the uti may be easier to fight.

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                  Hi, All ~ My niece is an EMT and she recently told me that they're aware many UTI's are becoming resistant to Cipro. Seems our bacteria are very smart little critters.

                  So sorry anyone has to deal with UTI's, yeast infections, IC, etc.

                  Hope all are feeling well today.
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