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does pfd get worse during periods?please help!

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  • does pfd get worse during periods?please help!

    my pfd has gotten worse since my last period.i started exercising using a stepper about 500 steps and about 125 sit ups a few weeks ago.i was wondering if these exercises could've cause my pfd to the muscles around the vagina and rectum,hurt,feel sore to press on them, and burn.there feels like a pressure in the area too.and burns when i wipe.there is slight swelling in the perineal area but nothing redness,no discharge,no itching.i need someone else to share their experience if this is familiar to frequency has gotten worse too but that is not too unusual around my lower back aches too,but that also is not unusual for me.mainly just need to know your experience with pfd and if this sounds familiar to anyone who has pfd and ic.what is the best things you've found to ease the pfd pain/burning?